1094 AF, A Diary of Events

Sir Huw de Grognard
These are the events recorded at the time by a Knight of Albion in the service of the Duke of Gloucester until his death and then a Vassal Knight in the service of the Countess of Shrewsbury. These are as accurate as one poor man can make them.
25th February 1094 AF
The hardest winter in human living memory seemed to be over at last. There is still much concern over the power of the Ritual Circles amongst the Mages.
3rd March 1094 AF
The Vipers invaded Teutonia. The Knights of the Dark Sun were eager to join their fellow countrymen and Duke Desmond granted them leave of absence to do so.
11th March 1094 AF
Before the preparations of the Dark Sun were completed, Lord Pohl Diamecht of the Vipers fell in battle and the Vipers routed by the Cobras.
30th April 1094 AF
The troops sent to support Floris Ilias in his attempt to apprehend Sir Brogar has returned. Floris now has the Four Quarters but Brogar has vanished.
5th May 1094 AF
Floris Ilias disappeared when he rode into the Great Ritual Circle at Norhault. All magical power has returned.
28th May 1094 AF
Duke Desmond D’Raby put the Hunters expects invasion of the Dragons and started preparations for it.
25th June 1094 AF (Council of Albion)
Duke Desmond was unable to attend the meeting of the Lions Faction held at Corvus’s estates in the South of Albion. He sent Countess Ailish O’Donovan of Gloucester in his place. The Corvus issued a warrant for Duke Desmond’s arrest at that meeting. Sir Guillame de Bruges of the Dark Sun objected against this travesty of justice.
28th June 1094 AF
Lady Zircon and Countess O’Donovan informed the Hunters, that Duke Desmond was accused of treason. I cannot think that ill of him. I have always expected shady dealings from those that hold this rank. How else did they rise to these stations? Lord Desmond could not be found by Duke Anree’s troops sent to arrest him.
9th July 1094 AF
The Dragons held a muster on the lands of Sir Roger de Coverley. He was a knight returned from the Crusades who came back to Albion and wished to improve the relation between the Lions and Dragons. Corvus refused and served him a Writ of Attainder to strip him of all rank and titles in the lands of Albion.
15th August 1094 AF
Duke Desmond was captured by Duke Anree’s men trying to get on a fishing boat in a Southern Albion port.
26th August 1094 AF (Gathering)
Lord Fig hosted the Gathering in Erin. The first night of the Gathering saw the appearance of Lord Satûn, accompanied by his henchman, the Death Knight. All the factions refused to bow in allegiance to him, so in vengeance they roamed various camps reeking havoc. Sir Manwyddon of the Hunters in defence of our camp stood almost alone against the Death Knight. What became of this courageous Knight of Albion is unknown? If he is dead he will be greatly mourned by those who had the privilege to know him.
27th August 1094 AF (Gathering)
The Champion of Law appeared and issued a challenge to the Death Knight. The encounter has gone down in Legend. Lord Satûn’s intervention was thwarted by Grand Master Schadel, Undead Slayer, who imperiously stood beside the Champion of Law. The Death Knight was vanquished for the time being. Corvus declared himself King and splits the Lions faction.
28th August 1094 AF (Gathering)
Most of the men of Albion formed the Harts of Albion under Lady Elspeth Karlennon and Duke Calin of the Hunters after Corvus calls them outlaw. Corvus was prescribed a traitor against the Pendragon and Albion. The Harts were welcomed by the Dragons and Bears who wished for peace after incessant war brought upon them by Corvus.
29th August 1094 AF (Gathering)
Corvus commanding the Cobras, Gryphons, Lions, Tarantulas and Unicorns looses the battle against the combined army of the Bears, Dragon, Harts, Vipers and Wolves. He was captured by Odyssey in the pay of Lord Wolf.
3rd September 1094 AF
Lord Wolf allowed Corvus with the remnants of his shattered army to travel back to Norhault.
9th September 1094 AF (Harts Council)
At the meeting of the grand Council of the Harts called by Lady Elspeth Karlennon many received letters of commendation for their efforts in very trying times. The Speaker of the Harts was confirmed as Lady Karlennon, a most gracious lady who showed her resolve when the office was forced upon her. She has grown greatly in stature and confidence, since her husbands death, to a strong willed leader. The sound counsel of her brother, Sir Hugo Charenten, Lord Marshal of the Harts should make this a very effective leadership. A great deal is required to bind the shattered remnants of a great land split by the paranoia of one man.
20th October 1094 AF
The siege of Norhault was ended after six weeks by the peace treaty mediated by Floris Brand. This stated that Orias, one of Swords of Waylund, would be surrendered to the Harts: The Harts and Lions would jointly quest for Excalibur: Both parties agreed not to fight on Albion soil and Corvus renounced any claim to the Pendragon Throne. Albion was no longer in a state of Civil War but the rifts will take a long time to heal. Only now, have confirmed reports reached the Harts that Corvus renounced his claim to the throne of Albion just before the battle. He had not bothered to send a messenger to inform the Harts of his change of heart. Many a brave men of Albion lost their life for no reason.
10th December 1094 AF
The Cobras were completely defeated and routed from the field. Teutonia is Viper land once more. King Frederick Krueger of the Cobras and the few monsters alive have fled. Their whereabouts is not known.