Ye Tricky Bit Of Space To Fill

And so we come to the hardest part of every
newspaper- finding content for the annoying
half column of space left between the puzzle
section and the adverts.
Perhaps this would be a good place for a witty
cartoon, possibly about a lugubrious dog or a
cat that really hates Mondays. Perhaps a letters
section where the ignorant can ‘speak their
branes’ and vomit words into the ether.
Or maybe something about sport, I don’t know.
I’ve been working on this thing for so long, and
I’m tired and thirsty. Perhaps I’d better just put
whatever comes to mind here to make it look
like I’ve been working. I mean really, nobody
will ever read this bit, right?

((See me in my office, 8am. Make sure you tell
your family you love them before the meeting. –