Words On Blood Magic and an entrapment

There is power in the magic of the blood, so it is said, yet it is an unpure magic and so often associated with the Creatures of the Pit, those that thrive and seek to escape the Nether, seeping into our own world to spread their spawn. This was how she met her downfall.

By syphoning the blood from her body we have weakened her sufficiently to seal her in the deepest of the catacombs. Yet even though her body lies weakened and unmoving there has been concern brewing from more than one soldier that her presence still endures, still seeps mayhem into this world. Perhaps this gives rise to the perhaps well founded rumour that she is indeed unkillable.

No matter.

Once she is finally interred in the tomb we need not worry: her cultists scattered, her alliances perished, loyal wardens set around the mausoleum. The soldiers say that they can still feel her aura, her presence, seeping through the protections and they stand guard of the tomb.

Her tomb shall stand eternal to those that would seek to defy the Purity of this world and we shall stand as its guardians.

Now begins the cleansing.

Now begins the healing.

The heretics that we discovered amongst our order have been purged. Their fate decided by the Lord Commander himself. The stakes are sharpened, the wood gathered and piled high, the fires prepared and we shall know bloody vengeance.

The transgressors will know the punishments for the crimes and vile betrayals they have inflicted upon this world. The heretics shall burn. Let the mercy of the Order rain down on their unworthy bodys and cleanse their filthy patterns of the Taints of the Nether.

The heretics shall burn.