Returning patriots have yet to breath a sigh of relief as they continue to be wracked with hardship.
The cold breath of winter has found its way to the nape of every returning refugee across the realm.
In the Duchy of Keswick folk have been known to say, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”
When winter came to those Northern climes, it did not stop at the Duchy borders.
All Albion has faced a cold winter this year, with reports of the Greenwood receiving a dusting of snow, the green and pleasant lands of the Southern Duchies feeling the chill, and the harsh winds picking up in Cornwall.
Jack Childermass, a crofter who recently returned to the Duchy of York with his family, told the Herald “It’s been biting, the cold. The young uns can’t work ’cause their fingers are too cold, and we’re having a hard time keeping the livestock fed.”
Expert weather-seers from the College Meteorlogicum at Brighthelmstane have predicted that this winter is far from over. The Herald advises one and all to keep well and keep warm