Waiting for Golgamoth

The Vipers Camp – A Hill – Evening
A SERPENT WOMAN is standing on a low mound in the centre of the Vipers camp, looking down over the massed VIPERS toward the VIPERS GATE.

Enter A FOP

SW: Nothing to be done.

F: I’m beginning to come round to that opinion.

SW: You should have been a poet.

F: I was (gestures to his apparel) Isn’t it obvious?


(FOP moves to centre of hill)

F: Charming People.

(moves toward the Audience)

F: Inspiring Prospects .

(He turns back)

SW: Lets Go.

F: We can’t.

SW: Why not?

F: We’re waiting for Golgamoth.

(He Smiles)

SW: That would have gone right over most people’s heads.

F: Ah (pause) You’re sure it was here?

SW: What?

F: That we all are to wait.

SW: He said he’d visit the Vipers camp.

F: Are you sure?

SW: What are you insinuating?

F: That we’ve come to the wrong place.

SW: He should be here.

F: He didn’t say for sure he’d come.

SW: And if he doesn’t come?

F: We can all go home tomorrow.

SW: You’re merciless.

F: All right –

<Long Pause>

F: Gogo! Gogo ! Golgamoth!

SW: I was asleep.

F: I remain in the dark.


SW: What exactly did you ask him for?

F: Chaos powers.

SW: Then he’d have to think it over.

F: In the quiet of his pit.

SW: Consult his Spawn.

F: His Servants.

SW: His agents.

F: His Spies.

SW: His Tomes.

F: His bank account.

SW: Before taking a decision.

F: It’s the normal thing, Is it not?

SW: I think it is.

F: I think it is too.

SW: (Suddenly) Silence!

F: I hear nothing.

SW: (Raises hand) Hiisssssssssst!

F: (FOP jumps) You gave me a fright!

SW: I thought it was he.

F: Who ?

SW: Golgamoth.

F: Pah- just the wind in the trees.

SW: I could have sworn I heard shouts.

EnterTHE BARON SATURDAYcladin Blue wearing a Straw Wig

F: (looks at the Baron) Is that him?

SW: Who?

F: Golgamoth.

S: I am Saturday!

SW: Not at all.

S: (terrifying voice) I AM SATURDAY!. Saturday! Does that mean nothing to you?

F: No, I’m afraid it doesn’t seem to.

SW: We’re not from these parts sir.

S: You are human beings none the less -as far as I can see.

SW: Hisssssss… not quite.

S: AH! Away! (walks off)

A CHAOSITE enters, clad in black, accompanied by the GENERAL OF THE CHAOS HOST

C: Amphibious Nostrils!!

G: Underwater weaponry!!

(they laugh)

C: Is he here ?

F: Who?

G: Golgamoth!

SW: No.

F: We’re waiting for him.

A RUMOUR arrives. They all look at it attentively

R: Mr Golgamoth told me to tell you that he won’t come to this camp this evening, but will surely appear tonight at the ritual circle.

SW: Well, its not worth waiting now.


F: Well, shall we go?

SW: Yes, lets go.

<They don’t move>


Later, by the ritual circle
F: What do we do now, now we are here?

SW: Wait for Golgamoth.

F: And if he doesn’t come?

SW: We’ll see when the time comes.

<UNDEAD rush from the circle>

U: Why are you standing here?

SW: We have our reasons.

<Undead rush off. There are distant cries of ‘Incantors! To me!’>

SW: All the dead voices.

F: They make a noise like wings.

SW: Like leaves.

F: Like sand.


SW: They all speak together.

F: What do we do now?

SW: Wait for Golgamoth.

(FOP takes off his hat, concentrates) AH! (puts on hat)

F: well, that passed the time

SW: It would have passed anyway.

F: A diversion comes along and what do we do?

SW: We let it go to waste.

F: Come on, lets go to work. (unsheathes sword)

SW: We can’t.

F: Why not?

SW: We’re waiting for Golgamoth.

FOP resheathes sword and looks relieved

SW: We go home tomorrow.

F: Unless Golgamoth comes.

SW: And if he comes?

F: We’ll be saved.

SW: (draws scimitar) Well, shall we go?

F: Yes, lets go.

<they don’t move>


Some time later
GIANT DEMON CHAOS LOBSTER arrives, looks around at the empty ritual circle.

GDCL: Burble Burble (waves claws aimlessly)