Violet Mage’s Birthday of 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard


In a rousing speech, Lady Aleda of the Fellowship of the Full Moon formally handed over the White Spire to Master White. She said, “This is in a way a symbol of our [the Wolves] triumph over the Rift at our Moot last year.”


Lady Lysandra and Master White exchanged their usual pleasantries in a subdued manner. Their eyes showed the potential of conflict.


The Lich General of Satûn called Maar the Faceless and a hideous figure in a brown robe and hooded, approached Lady Aleda seated at a table. This Lich with the impertinence of his absent Lord Satûn claimed Norsca and Orkneyjar foe his Lord. He was also annoyed that the Wolves had the impertinence to give lands to Master White. Magnus of the Fellowship was dealt a grievous wound in his pains in keeping the unwelcome visitor at a distance. A later attack of Unliving underlined his serious intent. It is thought that General Maar once again leads his troops into Norsca. He would call reinforcements from sites of ancient battle.


Lady Aleda expressed the regret for renegade members of the Fellowship of the Full Moon that had attacked Lord General Calin on the Sunday of the Gathering. These were executed by his order. Only after this did the Hunters know of their allegiance to the Wolves.


They gave a wooden box to Master Violet and their antics seemed to annoy him. Much pleasure was given to the many of the onlookers.


A rude, unpleasant, and violent man claimed that the current command, were not true wolves, and would be destroyed by him and his “Brotherhood of the Last True Wolf”. He with violent purpose presented three scrolls whose words were uncouth upon the table. He was stopped in his rantings as he drew his sword by several Wolves and Alexander. They disposed of the carcass in the appropriate manner. The Wolves seem intent upon taking good store by this example for the rest of the “Brotherhood.”


Strange creatures entered the portals of the White Spire. These were swiftly and skilfully ejected. The fight was carried forth to the creatures outside.


In the time that I was required by a very insistent Lady Orenda of Eastwood to lend my expert healing outside, my treasured Map of the Known World was stolen. This had taken that had taken me many days to draw. This severely annoyed me. With the assistance of the Mages Guild Guard and the Wolves a search was carried out. They told me of other items and belongings that were missing. It was not until my good friend Void became involved that crumpled map returned. This he delivered into my hands with his legendary panache.


It was pleasant to see Sir Jonathan and Baron Jasper not on duty guarding Lady Tarragon. They quaffed their beer with such gusto.


Meanwhile, a few members of the “Finnish Liberation Army” were asking the Gryphons, asking to aid them in their bid for independence. Recently Lord General Thorvald has decreed that these lands are of no concern of his.


Many Incantors, including a number of the High Incantors, were surprised when I informed them that Attila the Nun had not offered unconditional assistance to the Flames of Abraham.


Khaela Moondancer, the ‘Green Haired Apprentice’ asked me to heal a fatal wound. Before I had got to my patient, Jarek of House Veldrin’qu’ellar was ordered despite his warnings to his Matron Mother to perform his kind of healing. He caused yet another fatal wound. When I realised who I was to heal, I was much concerned when it was a Tarantula let alone Lord Lynsall. Because I was unsure whether my healing would work


It was interesting to talk after many years to Lady Corina, the Green Master Mage. Certainly the atmosphere was more pleasant than the events that occurred during this. Much commotion could be heard from upstairs.


Floris-Brand presented a box and scroll to Pape of the Fellowship, the nephew of Schadel, with the instruction, that it should be “used to complete Schadel’s work”. This caused much discussion and many of the Fellowship of the Full Moon disappeared into closed council to debate over its meaning.


I was approached by Fincael of house Chreotha. This towering giant of a Drow was very cultured in his journeys to lands far away. We discussed the origins of the strange dark brown sweet substance that I called Chocolate. Then the subject changed to more serious matters of the disappearance of Caleb Al Arabead and the City of Antonio.


Fincael of House Chreotha asked me about the Al Arabead family. I recounted the sad story, “At the Open Grand Council, Caleb of the Al Arabead had been in a strange catatonic state. His companions left early with him. In the company of Morgan Dragonslayer and Drinnin, we returned much fatigued to an Inn close by, we were greeted by him laid out in the manner of the dead. Sitting at his head was an Elder. He asked of Morgan, ‘What do you wish me of me.’ Morgan replied, “I wish Caleb to be whole.” At that the Elder cut a thin cord that connected Caleb to infinity. Caleb disappeared. There then ensued a complex philosophical discussion for next few hours. It was not until dawn that I retired.”


The City of Antonio is the dream of Morgan to commemorate his friend Antonio who was the recent embodiment of Satûn. This is to build a trading city to improve the relations of all nations especially to destroy the suspicion against the Drow. This is a commendable thought but I was concerned over the fine details. Certainly the control of the City built in the Underdark should not come under the control of a single Matron Mother as this would destroy the autonomy that would be required for the dream. Fincael agreed with this. The proposed citing of the city, the size and the design concerned us both. The plans that I have been told of alas do not show that either sides is yet ready for this grand idea. We both seemed to agree upon this.


Jarek of Veldrin’qu’ellar introduced himself as the guardian of the sword that contained the Soul of Satûn. He wished to know more of what happened when both Schadel and Satûn disappeared at the Gathering into a void.