The Rituals for Dealing with Plague Demons

– Copied by Thomas Fitzroy Cholmondeley Smythe at the Convocation of Guilds, 1100.
The destruction and elimination of the three great beasts.
This is the advice of Angmar the Blackened and Morwenna Voidbreaker of the Royal House of
Morllani, implement at your own risk.
All three of the great beast share one great power that greatly increases their survival chances –
upon death their patterns retreat unto the rotten heart of the void. One there they can rapidly
gather the primal matter of that realm about themselves to rebuild their physical form then return
unto our realm.
We believe that by preventing the retreat of their patterns into the rotten heart it may be possible
to destroy it upon this plane and vanquish the beasts. The vital key to such an undertaking would be
the discovery of the beasts true names, alas we have no knowledge of whence they may be found or
obtained. In the hope that the guild of healers ad the people of the lesser races can stumble upon
the names we present our notes and advice upon the various rituals needed to destroy the beasts.
Matters concerning all the beasts:
The names are vital, without the names then there can be no hope of success with these ventures.
All rituals concerning these beasts must be performed in a place blessed by the ancestors or
containing great power, these places can act as anchors for the chaining of the beasts. The rituals
should contain as many competent participants as possible, but always quality should be put before
A word of warning may be in order here, the beasts will rapidly realise what is being done to them
when they are summed and can be relied upon to react with extreme violence and the full extent of
their powers, if they can kill enough of the ritualists involved then the effort will fail. A sealed circle
may well become a deathtrap for those involved.
Presuming that the ensuing conflict goes well the surviving participants must ensure that the body of
the beast is dismembered with weapons of power, the greater the power of the weapons the
greater the chance of success. Upon the dismemberment of the body as many mages as available
should attempt to dispel the enchantment upon the body simultaneously. We believe that this
should be sufficient to destroy the beast, or at least damage its pattern beyond recovery.
Matters concerning the beast of the mind:
To destroy this beast of clashing colours and mental terror we advise the following.
The beast has the ability to change its true name, the process by which it does this takes just one
whole day. It is therefore vital that the beast is summoned and destroyed within one day of its true
name being discovered, or the name will become useless.
Any ritual to summon this beast should involve as many of the following as possible: A genius, a

halfwit, a madman and a scholar. The presence of as many items or works of learning and thought
possible will also have a beneficial effect.
Somehow all the ritualists taking part must merge their minds and thoughts with those of the leader
who must summon forth the beast by its true name. It is hoped that once the beast answers the
summons the joint mind should split into its constituent parts, but we cannot be certain of this.
Once the beast has arrived it must be bound to the chosen area by the sacrifice of knowledge or
learning, once this is done the warriors can see to the beasts downfall.
Matters concerning the beast of the soul:
This dark shadowy creature may well be the most devious of your foes, its diseases are those of
corruption and despair.
The individual who is chosen to lead this ritual should as pure in mind, body and soul as possible,
further they must spend at least 13 days in contemplation, fasting and purification immediately prior
to the attempt.
All others participating in the ritual must share a secret or confession with the world during the ritual
itself, the more significant the secret the greater its power.
The presence of the artefacts that uphold the great virtues such as truth and loyalty is advisable as
the beast will be drawn to their presence in an attempt to corrupt them.
The final act in summoning the beast should involve a number of the circler pledging themselves to a
life of purity and goodness, the beast will not be able to resist the challenge. Beware however that
any pledge made in the circle may be held as binding by any powers present and observing. Once
the beast is present then let the warriors do their work.
Matters concerning the beast of the body:
Perhaps the most powerful of all, this beast has beset our family before and we will be glad to be rid
of it.
All those who are present at the summoning should be pure in body before the attempt is made.
None who have ever been host to one of these beasts minions should be within sight or sound of
this ritual unless it can be known for sure that they are complete free of its taint, for they may well
still be his to command without them even being aware of it. Perhaps the guild of healers and those
pretty wizards in the mages guild can provide a way of checking this. The one who is to summon the
great beast must be protected by the kiss of Shal-aya as the powers unleashed will strike them dead.
As well as the ritualists the following must be present: The Elven King, thrice blessed by his past in
the tomb of our kinds, accepted by his people, and armed with the treasures. Those of our line that
have not yet fought the beast, the more of the line of Morllani that are present the more powerful
the summoning will be.
Once the beast is present the Elven King must challenge the beast, and be the first to land a blow

with one of the lost blades, none should interfere until the King calls for aid, the first blow must be
his for this will render the beast more vulnerable to others. The beast will not fall until the disease is
driven from its form by one of our line. This should be repeated as often as possible for it is
susceptible to the touch or spellcasting of the Morllani line.
When the beast finally falls the body should be dismembered by the Elven King or one of our
bloodline, and other near the body may well act as a host for its fleeing pattern. Once the body has
been dismembered the mages may approach to see to the final act.
We wish you luck and that those who survive learn the lesson that patience and time are the only
true paths to greater knowledge.