The Quest for Excalibur at the GEF 1108

Here is an account, to my best memory, of the quest to find Excalibur

Early afternoon a white lady entered camp calling for children of Albion. I believe her name was Usirius, or something similar. She was one of the guardians of the 7 swords of Wayland, and she was the last remaining one. She said that “That which was lost is returning, and the twisted one seaks it.” We had to go now to find something before it was lost again. It was assumed that the lost item was Excalibur.

She offered to transport 15 of us to where we needed to go, so we quickly formed a group.

We walked with her to the circle where she transported us to Finmere. There we found a group of Tyranis followers attacking a woman. We killed the followers. The woman was wounded but couldn’t be healed. She asked for our help, myself and Violet swore to protect her on the way back to her village, then she disappeared.

We then followed the white woman into the woods, and soon came across a large man in furs, who said he was the hunter and that the woods were dangerous, but if we proved ourselves we would be safe.
He asked us 3 questions,
Who killed Queen Elsbeth, I told the Mortimer it was Alder York
Give 2 people who run with the wild hunt. Mortimer said Scallion and Speaker. Luke Karlennon said another name I didn’t hear. All 3 were correct.
Who rules the greenwood, and what do her minions call her. This one we didn’t know, but then I reminded the Mortimer that the surely as part of Albion the King rules it. The Hunter let us have this as an answer. I’m still not sure what answer he wanted, but Solstice later suggested that it maybe Acorn who is the Queen of the Dryads?

Further into the woods we came across another man sat by a tree. He declared himself to be the Guardian of the Dead, and said that he had a list of all the brave of Albion who have fallen defending Albion. But it is important to have more than just names. He would give us 2 names and we must tell tales of the people.
The first name was Nicholas Karlennon. The Mortimer told a story where Nicholas and others went to chose a new dream guardian, and although it looked like Nicholas betrayed the others, it was because of what he had been offered, his parents that he never knew. He was almost convinced to rejoin with the others again when he was struck in the battle again and was lost.
The other name was Frederick Charenten. Less was known about him, but it was said that he was one of the first to do whatever was necessary for the good of albion. Because of him the Harts became known as Piranhas with Manners. We were tasked to find out more, especially about his death.
Speaking to Cawd I was told that he was killed when he struck an evil item containing thousands of corrupted patterns with King Stevens Dagger. He knew it would kill him, but did it to save those patterns.

Futher into the woods we came across a clearing near a lake, guarded by unliving. After destryong the unliving we found a stone with a sword in it. The Mortimer went forward to pray to the Pendragon but as he got close he felt a great pain in his chest. It was as if the shard of Excalibur in him was either heating up or trying to get out. He continued to pray, and then he fell with a wound to the chest. When he was healed he said he no longer felt the pain. He then drew Excalibur and we fought our way though some more unliving on the way back to the circle at Finmere.

The white lady transported us back to the GEF, but as we appeared a great shaking of the land threw us to the ground, and we saw that the stone had returned with us. 4 of us managed to carry the stone
back to camp, while the Mortimer carried Excalibur.

On returning to the camp she told all there that although Excalibur was forged physically, it was not completed spiritually. We must chose 7 women to become the new guardians of the 7 swords.

I saw the white lady start to leave camp, so I went to her and told her I would escort her back to the circle. She said she wasn’t going to the circle and as we neared the gate she disappeared into nothingness.

Cawd took a list of the names of the 15 that went on the quest.

Later that day I returned to Winchester to check the situation of the original stone of Excalibur, and was told by a member of the garrison that the stone has dissapeared a few hours earlier.

Solas – Wisdom – Ligea
Beleth – Might – Megan Stone
Morax – Vengeance – Violet Mortimer
Eledor – Fealty – Traxden
Lauros – Honour – Elizabeth Falcon
Orias – Mercy – Cordelia Fisher
Albion – Justice – Caroline Bathroy
Excalibur – Unity – Rowena

My recollections and additions / corrections to Roe’s report…

Usirius = Orias

The name I gave to the Hunter was Martaine Quarrier

The guardina of the Dead is the Pendragon.

I was the one who spoke of Freddie Charenten. I have since spoken to a number of people regarding his death and have a tale to tell – perhaps I should attempt speak with the Pendragon at the next moot, and tell him his tale further.

Luke Karlennon