The Notes of Thomas Fitzroy Cholmondeley Smythe – On Demons of Plague

Here is collected what I have learned about the nature of Plague Demons, from various sources.

The Documents of Stephen de Parkes

From the archives of the Bards Guild, found with a body, possibly that of Stephen de Parkes, in the Great Library in Norhault on the twenty-sixth day of June 1099.

The library, June 25, 1099

I have continued with the research into the plague demons, elven treasures and associated issues. My research led me to a little used section of our library, when I arrive there I found much to my horror that the section was ablaze!!!. With rapid aid from others present we managed to extinguish the flames but the records I sought have been all but destroyed. I have extracted the following scraps of knowledge in the hope that they may be of some use. I have also discovered a further set of prophecies that you may be interested in.

Stephen de Parkes
On the matter of the demons of the plague lords. The demons of the body manifest themselves as large figures clad in rags of green and brown, their faces are pus ridden and gangrenous. Beware their blows for they swing them with unnatural strength and accuracy, smashing armour apart or slipping rusty blades into weak joints. The demons themselves have unholy endurance and many shrug off weapons of steel as we shrug off raindrops. These foul beasts seem unaffected by mortal magics and they themselves can be mages with great potential.
The plagues of the mind show themselves as beasts of wild clashing colours that offend the eyes and senses, their blows wreak havoc with your thoughts as well as destroying the body, they are similar in many ways to their brethren of the body.
The last beast are little seen, the demons of the soul are grey, somber beasts whose powers we know little about.

Father Aran of the third church of Shal-aya
The binding begins with the blessing o the cha…

… the ladies music soothes those pre …

… truename three times

Vessel prepared …
…ven King, all twelve treasures on his person did do battle with the master of the three beasts …
The line of Morwenna would return to the circle to comple…

…ker, with the blood of man and would leave with the spirit of a w…
holiest place lay on a northern isle where the Trollkin once roamed …

… three thrones beneath one on a dias made of pus, excrement and bile …

Body, mind and soul.
prince was defeated. King Tol-Ethel was stricken by a sickness none could cure and the rule of that mighty house ended soom after. The kings only son, Folnezra, had already given up all right to the throne and the kings only brother, *Jil-Ethel had left the lands to see …

  • uncertain of first letter, could also be a G.

The Release of Maladius at the First Moot, 1099

Tale by Falcon, 23rd March 1100

I must advise you to show the utmost caution when facing the demon. I know him as Maladius, Master of Plagues, and he is one of the most powerful of the plague demons. Overshadowing the terrible demon who we brought down at the Convocation of Guilds.
The story of his release is a sad one, demonstrating that even the wisest may be fooled. Though I do not know the whole story, I will relate what I saw with my own eyes.
It was about nine turns of the Moon ago, at the first Moot when the Healers heard word of this demon. It was said that he was responsible for the many attacks by plague cultists which had been happening across the land. A parchment had been given to them by some strange man. It was said by him that this would release the demon from where he was held and then cast him into the void so he could do no harm. Lady Constance asked if I would like to accompany them and also requested that I watch this stranger as she was concerned that his words were less than truthful.
So we set off, at first with some confidence. Our group consisted, for the main, of healers and armourers, this seemed a strong enough group and should have been capable of handling most difficulties. Unfortunately, this pride was to prove our undoing.
At first upon entering the lands, we found some of those who had been taken by the plague, then journeying a short way on, encountered wood-elves who demanded to know why we were in there forest. After proving that we were not there to harm them, one offered to lead us, though this later proved to be a deception. He was one of the followers of this creature and hoped to set us against the true elves who called this there home. After journeying on and numerous conflicts we discovered the true nature of our guide and managed to convince one of the local elves to assist us. He led us on until we came to a dark portal which took all the power of the majicks that were wielded to bring down. Proceeding down a dark stair we found ourselves in a place apparently filled with demons. This was where the greatest folly occurred. As I stepped forward to face these creatures, I was struck down from behind. What I did not know was that these demons were my comrades cloaked in illusion. The creature at the heart of this place hoped to force us to defeat ourselves. The enchantment was eventually broken, but it took all the remaining power of our healers to deal with the wounded.
We then proceeded on and found that which we sought. Maladius was bound by the spirit of an elven king. Though we asked the spirit to aid us, he refused believing that the demon should remain bound where it was. We should have listened to his words, I should have listened to the unquiet voice within myself. But the time when I should have spoken past and it was far too late. One spoke the words in the scroll, but the stranger’s treachery came to pass. The last line of the scroll, which would dispel the demon to the void, had been rendered invisible. So the creature was released and summoning one of his own to aid him, he fell upon us. Three of my comrades fell, before, he dismissed us from his presence and we returned to the place of the Moot…
I cannot caution you enough, that this demon is hideously powerful. If he is anything like his brother, who was at the Convocation, it will take many to defeat him.
The demon who we fought there, could be wounded by any weapon, but he was hideously strong and took many blows to strike down. I severed his right arm, but it took many strikes to do so, even when he was struck to the ground. He cast deadly magics and was able to summon a powerful demon to assist him. Once he was struck to death all who were there felt disease afflict them and it was fortunate that so many were present who were able to heal the wounds and illness.
One further warning. Once the demon was defeated, we all left, to return to Pompeii, but upon hearing of our battle, my friend, the scribe Pyrites, was concerned that something of the demon may be left when it had dissolved away. He journeyed there alone and found a hideous insect upon the ground who cast malodorous diseases upon him. Fortunately, he held a staff enchanted with healing magics and was able to destroy it and its retinue of flies and heal the good earth once more.
This, I believe, was a demon weaker than Maladius. I say to you that you must take every precaution. If this truly is the Master of Plagues then I truly believe that an army of the mightiest warriors, healers and mages should be sent to deal with him. And they must be armed and armoured with as much knowledge as possible. Who knows the depth of power of this terrible creature.

A journey back through time, carried out around the time of the First Moot, 1099

From the archives of the Bards Guild, written by Bedo of Madoc McYokel, at the request of Robyn, so that the knowledge gained be not lost.

Participants in the journey :- Robyn, Oonagh, Jinx, Seris and Draego. The journey involved travel from a transport circleto another, then via a ritual circle where there was a blue demon. There was then a ten day journey through lands blighted by the Plague Demons.
We arrived at a Ritual Circle on a beach by a coast, Oonagh remembers a circle guarded by elves, in which a brightly coloured demon was bound with heavy chains with strange shaped links. Jinx saw a similar scene, and heard voices in his head saying “She can stop them, she must be killed”. Robyn remembers the elves as chanting ‘Shall, ayah donneth, shall ayah tren’* repeatedly while other elves brought Magical items in from the four points of the compass.
At different times each of the group were pulled back to the present time. Oonagh heard the words “You are not of this place, you are not of this time, you must return.” Robyn heard three voices arguing about whether this trip should have happened.
On their return they were attacked by several Plague Demons. One asked “Why did you bring Robyn?”. It seems that she was there because (according to Morwenna) one of her family needed to be there.

Bedo 2/7/1099

  • Almost certainly Shal-aya, rather than Shall ayah – Thomas.

Words from the Elven Alliance on Plague Demons

told by Thomas Fitzroy Cholomondeley Smythe, during the Gathering, 1100.

The Old College of Light visited the Unseen Court from the past. They told of an Avatar of Vengence, a Plague Demon in three parts, Maladius (Body), Gibberack (Mind) and Soul. These three entities, if they combine, become a vastly powerful force in the cataclysm.
They also said that both evil and choas are unbalanced, although the strength of evil is the greater.

The Rituals for Dealing with Plague Demons

copied by Thomas Fitzroy Cholomondeley Smythe at the Convocation of Guilds, 1100

The destruction and elimination of the three great beasts.
This is the advice of Angmar the blackened and Morwenna Voidbreaker of the Royal House of Morllani, implement at your own risk.
All three of the great beasts share one great power that greatly increases their survival chances – upon death their patterns retreat unto the rotten heart of the void, once there they can rapidly gather the primal matter of that realm about themselves to rebuild their physical form then return unto our realm.
We believe that by preventing the retreat of their patterns into the rotten heart it may be possible to destroy it upon this plane and vanquish the beasts. The vital key to such an undertaking would be the discovery of the beasts true names, alas we have no knowledge of whence they may be found or obtained. In the hope that the guild of healers and the peoples of the lesser races can stumble upon the names we present our notes and advice upon the various rituals needed to destroy the beasts.
Matters concerning all the beasts.
The names are vital, without the names then there can be no hope of success with these ventures. All rituals concerning these beasts must be performed in a place blessed by the ancestors or containing great power, these places can act as anchors for the chaining of the beasts. The rituals should contain as many competant participants as possible, but as always quality should be put before quantity.
A word of warning may be in order here, the beasts will rapidly realise what is being done to them when they are summoned and can be relied upon to react with extreme violence and the full extent of their powers, if they can kill enough of the ritualists involved then the effort will fail, a sealed circle may well become a deathtrap for those involved.
Presuming that the ensuing conflict goes well the surviving participants must ensure that the body of the beast is dismembered with weapons of power, the greater the power of the weapons the greater the chance of success. Upon the dismemberment of the body as many mages as available should attempt to dispell the enchantment upon the bosy simultaneously. We believe that this should be sufficient to destroy the beast, or at least damage it’s pattern beyond recovery.
Matters concerning the beast of the mind.
To destroy this beast of clashing colours and mental terror we advise the following.
This beast has the ability to change it’s true name, the process by which it does this takes just one whole day, it is therefore vital that this beast is summoned and destroyed within one day of it’s true name being discovered, or the name will become useless.
Any ritual to summon this beast should involve as many of the following as possible. A genius, a halfwit, a madman and a scholar. The presence of as many items or works of learning and thought as possible will also have a beneficial effect.
Somehow all the ritualists taking part must merge their minds and thoughts with those of the leader who must summon forth the beast by it’s true name, it is hoped that once the beast answers the summons the joint mind should split into it’s constituent parts, but we cannot be certain of this.
Once the beast has arrived it must be bound to the chosen area by the sacrifice of knowledge or learning, once this is done the warriors can see to the beasts downfall.
Matters concerning the beast of the soul.
This dark shadowy creature may well be the most devious of your foes, it’s diseases are those of corruption and despair.
The individual who is chosen to lead this ritual should be as pure in mind, body and soul as possible, further they must spend at least 13 days in contemplation, fasting and purification immediately prior to the attempt.
All others participating in the ritual must share a secret or confession with the world during the ritual itself, the more significant the secret the greater it’s power.
The presence of artefacts that uphold the great virtues such as truth and loyalty is advisable as the beast will be drawn to their presence in an attempt to corrupt them.
The final act in summoning the beast should involve a member of the circle pledging themselves to a life of purity and goodness, the beast will not be able to resist the challenge. Beware however that any pledge made within the circle may be held as binding by any powers present and observing. Once the beast is present then let the warriors do their work.
Matters concerning the beast of the body.
Perhaps the most powerful of all, this beast has beset our family before and we will be glad to be rid of it.
All those who are present at the summoning should be pure in body before the attempt is made. None who have ever been host to one of this beasts minions should be within sight or sound of this ritual unless it can be known for sure that they are completely free of it’s taint for they may well still be his to command without them even being aware of it. Perhaps the guild of healers and those petty wizards in the mages guild can provide a way of checking this. The one who is to summon the great beast must be protected by the kiss of Shal-aya as the powers unleashed will strike them dead.
As well as the ritualists the following peoples should be present. The Elven King thrice blessed by his past in the tomb of our kings, accepted by his people, and armed with the treasures. Those of our line that have not yet fought the beast, the more of the line of Morllani that are present the more powerful the summoning will be.
Once the beast is present the Elven King must challenge the beast, and be the first to land a blow with one of the lost blades, none should interfere until the King calls for aid, the first blow must be his for this will render the beast more vulnerable to others. The beast will not fall until the disease is driven from it’s form by one of our line, this should be repeated as often as possible for it is susceptible to the touch or spellcasting of the Morllani line.
When the beast finally falls the body should be dismembered by the Elven King or one of our bloodline, and other near the body may well act as a host for it’s fleeing pattern. Once the body has been dismembered the mages may approach to see to the final act.
We wish you luck and that those who survive learn the lesson that patience and time are the only true paths to greater knowledge.

The Names of the Plague Demons

discovered by Thomas Fitzroy Cholomondeley Smythe, among others, at the Convocation of Guilds, 1100.

The True Names, found insribed on their thrones, of the Plague Demons :
The Demon of the Mind, otherwise known as Gibberack, is called ‘Insanmortelth-Abin-El’.
The Demon of the Body, otherwise known as Maladius, is called ‘Malekazent-Abin-El’.
The Demon of the Soul, whose common name I know not, is called ‘Balarapesh-Abin-El’.