The Mordred Device: Experiments

This bit by Alvar, rest by Tarkis.

Right, history lesson. First Elder Races appear on Erdreja. Then Younger Races. That why they called Elder Races and Younger Races. Elder Races make Slaves of Younger Races. Younger Races make war against Elder Races. One of the weapons in the War was the Mordred device, named after Pattern of Chaos, Mordred. Alvar not hundred percent sure that it made directly by Mordred or what, but it pretty nasty. Basically, any Incantation used on Erdreja hurts and ages an Elder Race. Lots. Mordred device was eventually broken up, but was recreated (by accident, Alvar told) at one of the Moots 1102. Tarkis do experiments to work out ‘xactly what it do to Elder Races, and how it work. This is results.

Willow: an elven incantor
Maple: a half elf half human, elf dominant
Tequis: an ancestorally possessed non elder race being, casts much higher dismiss than normal
Tarkis:drow spellcaster
Moloque: elven high incantor

1. Willow casts detect unliving to determine effect of a level 1 spell
Willow rolls around screaming like the girly she is ;o) (1 minute of hideous pain with 10 minutes of feeling very old and weak)

2. Willow casts Aura of Defence to determine effect of a level 2 spell.
Willow rolls around screaming like the girly she is ;o) (1 minute of hideous pain with 10 minutes of feeling very old and weak)

3. Willow casts dismiss unliving rank 1 (actually 6) to determine if her additional dismiss has any effect
Willow rolls around screaming like the girly she is ;o) (1 minute of hideous pain with 10 minutes of feeling very old and weak)

4. Half Elf, human dominant casts detect unliving (Willow is nearest elder race) to determine if human dominant are effected)
Willow rolls around screaming like the girly she is ;o) (1 minute of hideous pain with 10 minutes of feeling very old and weak)

5. Maple Half Elf, elf dominant casts detect unliving (Willow is next nearest elder race) to determine if elf dominant are effected and if there is a range effect
Effect hits the elf dominant half-elf casting the incant.

6. Elf casts cure wound on Willow to determine if 2 elder race are affected of a level 1 spell
Elf takes the effect, Willow in pain but not as much.

7 Maple and one non elf form a wedge to castlevel 2 dismiss..Willow is nearby. This experiment is to test the effect of level 2 dismiss in a wedge versus individual level 2 dismiss.
Maple and Willow both fall over screaming etc etc

8. Two non-elven incantors form a two person wedge, dismiss rank 2. Willow and Maple are nearby although Maple is 40 feet away. testing for range effects
The two nearest elves fall over in pain etc etc

9. One non-elven incantor cast and maintains chant of protection (level 2 spell) on another non-elf. Willow is 20 feet away, Maple is 40 feet away. After casting the two non elves move away from Willow and closer to Maple. Chant is maintained for 2 minutes closer to Willow and 1 minute closer to Maple. testing for area effect/proximity
Willow falls over and takes the effect as the spell is cast, no further effects are noticed

10. A chant of protection is cast on Willow by a non-elf working on the assumption that Willow will hit the deck, if Willow feels pain the chant will be maintained until it is obvious the pain is lasting for over two minutes. The timelength of weakness/feeling old will also be monitored. testing for extended length effect.
Willow falls over as soon as the spell is cast, and remains in pain for as long as the chant is maintained.

11. Non-elf casts befriend on Willow. (level 1 spell lasting 5 minutes). testing for further extended effects/does the befriend hold?
Willow takes the 1 minute effect, and the befriend does take hold afterwards

12 Non-elf casts befriend on non-elf. Willow and Maple are fairly close by, 4 other elves are in reasonable proximity. maybe 100 feet away.
Closest elf takes the effects

13 5 incantors, 3 of whom are elves cast a 5 point dismiss wedge. Many elves/non-elves in reasonable proximity, Willow is closest to the wedge but not part of it. If elves outside the wedge are affected their distance to the wedge will be monitored
5 elves collapse in pain, starting with those in the wedge and then the closest to the wedge.

14 5 incantors, 2 of whom are random elves and Willow cast a 10 point dismiss wedge (willow=6) many elves/non-elves in reasonanble proximity. If elves outside the wedge are affected their distance to the wedge will be monitored
Same results as before, 5 elves starting with those in the wedge

15 Willow casts detect unliving, Tarkis counters the spell (void based counter spell)
Willow falls over screaming etc etc

16 Willow casts detect unliving, A Starcraft elf counters it (incant counter spell)
Both Willow and the other elf fall over screaming……

17 Tequis casts Dismiss unliving rank 2 (actually 12) to confirm a theory about the power of the wedge not being as important as the number of participants, willow and various elves stands near by
Nothing happens
We consider this a non standard result, deviating from the results weve got so far
A random elf falls over screaming……

18 Tarkis puts an elf into a magical sleep and cuts their throat, when willow (trained physician) judges them to be in danger of bleeding to death Tequis puts them under a sanctuary spell, at five minute intervals a healer will examine their pattern to try to judge if the sanctuary is doing irreparable damage to the elves pattern, this experiment will end after 30 minutes, or whenever the healer feels its necessary, and the elf will be healed before the experiment ends
Even though the elf is unconscious it writhes in pain throughout the sanctuary. The healer feels the pattern is starting to unravel after about 10 minutes. After 30 minutes the healer fears for the elfs life…..

19 this experiment will be repeated with tarkis being put in danger of death and put under a sanctuary by tequis, with willow standing near by, the only new information we hope to gain is if willow will be in constant pain for as long as the sanctuary is maintained or if it will wear off in a few minutes, like other spells cast near her
Willow falls over screaming for the casting, no lasting effect due to the length of the spell, but she is uncomfortable throughout it’s duration

20 once again tarkis is put into a near death situation, this time willow will sanctuary him, expecting to feel pain, she will see if it is possible for an elf to maintain a sanctuary at all.
No chance, she falls over writhing in agony as soon as she casts the spell

21 Willow, Tarkis and Moloque hunt through the starcraft forest until they find a ghoul/zombie/skeleton it will be dispatched the old fashioned way, and then moloque will cast lay to rest to witness the effects of a high incantation
As Moloque casts the incant again he falls over in pain screaming for a minute etc etc. Somewhere away in the forests screaming can be heard at the same time….
We consider this a non standard result, deviating from the results weve got so far
Moloque falls over writhing and screaming, no other elf you can see is affected

22 willow and moloque cast a level 12 dismiss as a two man wedge to see if the high incant makes a difference to the wedge effects, tarkis gets ready to pick them both up, other elves stand near by
As the power is cast Willow and Moloque fall over screaming etc etc…..

23 Tarkis takes willow into the deep dark, when there she casts detect unliving to see once and for all if the myths about the amount of rock protecting the drow in ages past is true or not
Willow falls over screaming etc etc

24 the starcraft elves amass and test the use of various gryphons items, recording the effects they have when activated, these items are
the staff of clear light being invoked (repel unliving rank 30)
the sword of suriya hitting an unlving (affect unliving sword)
the mace of zeb, amulet of wedge mastery, and various banishing crystals (+dismiss)

One elf falls over…

An elf falls over each time it hits an unliving

Incant items..
Rule of thumb seems to be an elf for each incantor, though this sometimes varies slightly one or two either way….

25 Moloque casts paladins armour on an elf, Tarkis stays near ready to destroy the armour on all locations with knives, if it continues to hurt the elf after five minutes
Moloque and the elf fall screaming as the incant is cast. Moloque only has the one minute effect, though the other elf is still screaming. After 5 minutes Tarkis cuts up the paladins armour, and the elf continues to scream. Tarkis picks the elf up and quickly carries him off into the tress, returning after a short time muttering about pattern damage then collapses. The elf is suffering from a fatal wound, Tarkis appears very weak and pale, and the experiments are ended whilst he rests


The first conclusion we have to draw Is that the amount of statistical deviation in these experiments suggest a device not governed by concrete rules, in the course of these experiments sometimes no result was seen at all, and sometimes results were more severe, we have to stress these results should probably be taken as “average” results and people should expect small differences in the field, We must remember this is in essence a chaotic device

Secondly the power of the spell seems to affect the deviation of the people affected, for your average level one spell, cast near an elf, the nearest elf writhes in pain and gets up within a few minutes, higher level spells, especially high incant seem to sometimes affect one or two more people, and sometimes only one, maybe there is more power to spread about but sometimes one lucky elf gets it all

In regards to wedges, the power level of the wedge seems to be far less damaging than participants, it seems that if ten people are in a dismiss wedge ten elves will be in pain. Whereas we all know there are some individuals capable of channelling the power of fifteen or sometimes more people by themselves, We would humbly suggest that if something needs to be dismissed then wedges should be made from people with higher dismiss levels and/or items that add to dismiss wedges

Sanctuarys cast on elder race beings should be done with extreme caution, whilst it might save their life, it should not be used for more than a few minutes, as the healers assure us, the prolonged effect of the mordred device is pattern corruption

Sanctuary on a non elder race being seems to be still as useful as it was before… If only one elder race being is willing to experience 60 seconds of pain a non elder race persons life can be prolonged indefinitly (We would like to point out that the mordred device effects sometimes jump and don’t get the nearest person, sticking a dwarf who is willing to feel pain to save a life near a sanctuary is no guarantee the olog further down the road wont get hit instead)

The experiment with the befriend spell may not have yielded a valid result, the reason for the experiment was to see if the aggressive act of hurting someone through incant would be enough to break the magical friendship, in our experiment it was not, but this may have been because willow knew it was an experiment and knew the elf casting at her didn’t want to hurt her, in the field results may differ.

The underdark is not any protection from the device, neither (we have been informed) is the void or other planes such as arcadia

Spells such as chant of protection, paladins armour, and sanctuary will hurt an elder race like any other spell at the point of casting, but will only continue to hurt (and eventually we surmise kill from pattern corruption) an elder race being if it is cast upon them, In some cases the remedy to this pain is simple, stop chanting for instance, however with some spells like paladins armour, the spell constantly runs under its own power, and in the case of paladins armour cannot be destroyed through physical blows as the spell effect is still on the person dormant, repowered by prayer. in this case it needed a fatal to destroy the armour and end the spell. In the case of spells such as courage unless its countered at the point of casting it will eventually kill the elder race target as it lasts half a day(short of drastic measures such as aura of immunities, ritual magic etc)

In the hope this will help

Willow Starcraft & Tarkis Elpragh