The Military Situation in Southern Albion, 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
The Cornish Lions were attacked by the Legions of Unliving coming out of the sea at the end of March. The remaining two Lions Legions took refuge within the walls of Bristol and were invested by a very large force of Unliving led by Lady Katrina du Venoir. Exeter was held gallantly by the small town militia. On the 4th April 1096 AF, the ritual circle of Bristol was closed as had been announced at the Convocation of the Guilds. Jaddvor Erland took command of the remnants of the Lions, upon the retirement for various causes by the previous incumbents at the beginning of April.

The strategy operated against the Unliving was to operate wherever possible at over two to one odds so that none of the fallen joined the Unliving. According to the Incantor’s Guild, Lady Katrina had already used all of her corrupted patterns and so the Unliving Army was no longer growing. The Unliving seem to have walked from the Rift in Norsca to Orkneyjar and thence onto Bristol by way of the seabed. According to High Incantor Wulfgar, no Unliving had been seen in Norsca since the end of March.

Early in the campaign, it became obvious that the Ritual Circles were Katrina’s objectives. These would allow Satûn to pour through Unliving anywhere in the world. It now became the practice to routinely sealed after use and post guards at the Ritual Circles in Albion. Schadel explained at the Harts Council that the mortally challenged Katrina laid siege to Bristol in a conventional living manner. Being still a living entity, she failed to understand the best way to use her Unliving forces unlike Golgamoth had clearly demonstrated in York. Her pride seemed to have got the better of her.

Only one brigade under the command of General Tarn was ready for immediate action south of Gloucester at the beginning of April. Some elements that had already infiltrated to the walls of Bristol and Exeter including the Beastmen and the Knights of the Dark Sun. After the Harts Parliament, these were quickly joined at Gloucester by Gerrick Brigade, Tiamat Brigade and the Dal Riadans under the Lord Pleb.
By 4th May these were joined by Amion and Hawkeye Brigades who had forced marched from the North via Winchester. At the beginning of May, the three Cymrijan Dragon Warbands led by Lord Caradog arrived.
Preparations were completed on the 12th May. This force marched upon the Pass of Caer Herne under the Banatar of the Harts, Lord General Calin. They arrived there on the 14th of May. Reconnaissance parties discovered only one Unliving legion that possessed no special creatures defending the pass. The town of Silverlake upon the other side of the river was surprisingly abandoned.