The Military Situation in Northern Albion, 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard

In the early part of the year, Albion still teetered again upon the brink of all out civil war. On the 9th February 1096 AF, it was announced that Lord Corvus and his consort Lady Roxanne left in search for one of their offspring. In doing so, the leadership of the Lions was transferred to Duke Edmund D’Addernoir (Edmund Blackadder) with Captain Jaddvor Erland as his second in command. Only Yorkshire and Cornwall remained in Lions hands. At the Lions’ Moot of 1096 AF, Jaddvor Erland announced that Corvus and Roxanne had pledged fealty to Golgamoth. They signed in their blood to subdue Albion to the will of Lord Satûn in return for various special powers. The date of this document and whether the Lions are bound by it has not been verified.
The Northern Legions of the Lions were in very poor state and had been much neglected by their officers. At the beginning of April, a mixed force of Demons and Unliving attacked York led by the Demon Golgamoth. This once fair city was laid waste and those that tried to defend the city were killed or terrified out of their wits by the horrors that they observed. The Great Hall and the Minster are rubble. Duke D’Addernoir was thought to have been taken by Golgamoth and possibly murdered. His remains to this day have yet to be found. Most of the Slayer Nobles were slain in the gallant defence.


Commander in Chief:- Sir Hugo Charenten

Amion Brigade:- Sir Amion Solitaire of the Death Jesters [Northern Mercenary Elves, Harlequins and Death Jesters.]Hawkeye Brigade:-Sir Hawkeye of the Hawkshead Archers [Hawkshead Archers and the Dragoons]When word reached the Harts of the attack upon York, two Brigades were ordered to converge on Warwick by the 8th April. These were commanded by Sir Guilliume de Hawkeye of Hawkshead Archers and Sir Amion Solitaire of the Death Jesters. The scouts sent out by the Harts lost contact with Golgamoth on the 12th April as the Unliving army had swiftly moved out of the reduced city.

The commanders were able to return just in time for a report to be given at the Harts Council on the 13th April. These two brigadiers were rewarded with Baronies. Both Amion and Hawkeye Brigades were ordered south to Winchester after the Hart’s Council. By the end of April, these had arrived in Winchester to be integrated into operations in the South of Albion.

It was not until the 20th April that news reached Marshal Justin Salieri of the Prince Bishops Men commanding the 4th Lions Legion of the destruction of York. He marched south to offer relieve the City. These by the consent of Sir Hugo Charenten were allowed to occupy York on the 1st May 1096 AF and offer the remaining inhabitants what comfort they could. On the 15th May they only just become aware of the Bears’ border incursion.

The 5th Legion of the Lions had disintegrated into marauders and had crossed the southern Caledonia border to pillage the inhabitants. The Bears delivered a severe check against them with only their vanguard. The Lions retired very swiftly to the stout walls of Chesterfield before Lord Wraith could move two of his Armies to cut off their retreat. The Lions were invested within Chesterfield for about a month by the Bears.

Through the intervention of Sir Hugo Charenten at the Bears’ Moot on the 9th June, the Bears around Chesterfield retired across their border. It was remarked that not one of the inhabitants that had not taken up arms against them had been harmed. Food and drink had been bought or bartered for. As a show of goodwill, Lord Calin of the Hunters, Banatar of the Harts authorised me to supply the Bears with food and drink until they reached their encampments back in Caledonia. Conor CuChulain, the commander of the 2nd Bears Army remarked that they had not been better fed.