The IvarpeaK Prophecy

When mouth of hell calls for what was taken,
The ground shall shake and mountain will awaken.
From deep within the fire and heat,
He will rise, who we must defeat.
For long he has lain beneath the mound,
Wrapped in chains, by dwarven bound.
Through lies and deceit they drew him there,
And cast him into deep despair.
Weight of evil pulled him down,
Deep within the fiery ground.
Seven called forth their power from deep within,
To punish this elf for his evil sin.
With his ego and his pride he did begin,
To punish those not of his kin.
He trapped the Ancients far and wide,
Controlling them and many died.
Seven creatures beheld this fate,
Unwilling names upon his slate.
Bound by gold around the throat,
He used their powers to destroy and gloat.
When he was trapped, so were they,
Hidden in sorrow till future day.
When stone is called and he is free,
For to his powers they are the key.
With wrath and rage he will destroy,
Albion and all her joy.
So when mountain it does rock and shake,
Heed the elf for innocence sake.
But in unity we will prevail,
To end this evil and mend Albion’s tale.

This prophecy was delivered to camp by the hand of a Fire elf from the Ivarpeaks. Crossing the dangerous terrain of mainland Albion, a representative from this ancient clan braved great personal risk to deliver this prophecy to Her Majesty. Should anyone read this and believe they can accurately interpret it, or provide some level of insight, seek out Altariel Narwyn, Bard of Albion, or Kido, her Deputy.