The Hunters

Based: Barony of Shrewsbury
(in the County of Chester and the Duchy
of Gloucester)
Heraldry: A stag’s antlers on the black shield, above a green field.
Leader: Lazarus Hunter

House Hunter, often just known as The Hunters, has been a noble household for many years. Hunters were an integral part of the forging of the new nation of the Harts, and have defended the nation and the throne valiantly since those days. Hunters have always been present at court. The House is now led by Lazarus Hunter of the noble line, of Elven Blood. The Hunters’ Lodge is the heart of a large community in the Greenwood, to the south of the wood, which welcomes all who claim the Hunter as their ancestor. The tribe is one of faith not of blood and it dates back many hundreds of years.

Information submitted by: Eloise Hunter (Ritualist)
Summer 1111

One of the great noble houses of the relam, it is said that The Hunter’s trace their lineage back to Marin; the huntmaster of Arthur II. As they have adopted his title, so also they inherited his responsibility as guardian and protector of the mighty Greenwood to the west of Albion. The origin of their name is confused however by the fact that the house also inducts its members into the worship of The Hunter; the horned god of Albion’s wilds. The matter is somewhat academic however, since either way House Hunter are arguably both the most pious and most ruthless of Albion’s great houses.

Under Tylendal’s leadership the house has come to dominate the politics of Gloucester, and a powerful network of vassals and allies including House Charenten, House Hulce and House Grimmir spreads across Albion. For the most part the house uses its influence only to maintain the status quo, but when roused (particularly in defence of The Hunter) they can prove an extremely dangerous foe both politically and militarily.

Library Archivist,
Spring 1106