The Harts Yule Party of 1097 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
My good friend Baron Tiamat Genocide of the Wolverines hosted a gathering that did him proud with all the finery that he could muster. In recognition of his deeds during our struggles for the unification of Albion, so many of the great and the good were ingratiating themselves with his hospitality. As ever there was food a plenty and the drink flowed as would be expected. I have this on good account, alas due to matters of state I was delayed. It was noted that the roads require much attention as they had been neglected under the severe restraints of Civil War. The only factions that were not represented at high levels were the Tarantulas and the Dragons.
Concern was soon dispelled when it was became clear that the Lions present were there under a special warrant by Lady Tarragon and were under Baron Tiamat’s protection as a host.
Tiamat a renowned Drow Hater was disturbed to meet again Lady Tarragon’s night shift from the Black Kytes. Lord General Calin was greatly interested by this Drow’s presence.
There was much joy among the Karlennon for the return present when Elias Junior, the son of Lady Tarragon and heir to the Vale of Eaton. When last I saw him barely three years ago, he was a mere babe in arms. He was taken to live with the Fey by the Grand Master Floris-Brand. She had only seen him after her wedding last year as a special present from the Grand Master. This boy stood tall and proud wearing a fine suit of plate. His tutelage during his absence from this plane of existence was by the Grand Master, Master Violet and “The Hunter.”
Lord Thorvald was shocked by the impertinence of Master White to ask him for the asylum of the Green Apprentices because he still had the death of Maroc issue under his jurisdiction.
Some of the Colour Mages made their now commonplace good sport of accusing Sir Huw of various crimes. Master White and Violet enjoy this greatly. Certainly a comment about chocolate to Master White changes his tune.
To the surprise of the serious Party Goers, Baron Tiamat at the behest of Lady Tarragon permitted political speeches to be made. These were rousing affairs of great import. Alas the necessity of food and drink did not permit time for me to retrieve my quill and documents that was being guarded by the Slayers.
Upon the field of Battle at the Gathering of 1096 AF, Roche Brune of the Harts took the Sword of Alliance by defeating the wielder. At the Dragons Council in November 1096 AF, Lord Arcane declared war on the Harts without bothering to open diplomatic negotiations. He was persuaded by wiser council to send a delegation to the Harts to ask for its return. This was led by the Lord of Dal Riada (an Erin Dragon).
Lord Arcane still holds to his claims for Cornwall that he uttered at the Gathering of 1096 AF despite being informed by his army that this was foolish. The letter from Drinin, High Ambassador of the Dragons certainly quietened the troubles that seemed to emanate from Lord Arcane’s imagination.
In a speech of many platitudes, the Lord of Dal Riada on behalf of Lord Arcane (a Cymrijan Dragon) made such a speech that seemed to quiet the tension between the Harts and the Dragons over the Sword of Alliance.
Lord General Calin responded to his words with an invitation to resolve of the disputed lands between to two great nations. As a gesture of this goodwill he wished to engender, he returned the sword of Alliance to the charge of the Lord of Dal Riada. Lady Tarragon and Sir Huw de Grognard had warned against over hasty actions on Lord Calin’s part because of the volatile nature within the Dragon Lands at present. The Winter has been the worst in even the living memory of Elves.
The tensions between the Wolves Faction and Lord Wraith were clearly on show. The Raggers and other Units within the Wolves have accused Lord Wraith Buchanan of being heavily involved in the removal of his rival, Sean MacCormac, a couple of years ago. Testimony from Zommorod A’Tesh and his own comments were said to support this assertion. An assassination list in Lord Wraith’s hand was allegedly acquired by Lord Thorvald and the Drow House was at the top of the list. The blood feud with from the Wolves to Lord Wraith seemed to pre-occupy him.
Lord Wraith stated that he wished to destroy the trust between the two Great Houses of Albion, the Karlennon and Hunters. He would support Lady Tarragon against the Hunters if it came to trouble. His hope was to destroy Albion finally. Already in recent years, I have seen what civil war does to a proud people. He could not understand that there may be rivalry but we all agree upon the future of Albion, the Pendragon.
Lord Wraith claims to be the embodiment of the High King of Caledonia and would mean that he is over 600 years old. Documents from the Bears adventure at the Gathering of 1096 AF support this beyond reasonable doubt. He again asserted that he wished to attain his ‘rightful place.’ This has caused some disquiet within the Bears faction.
The ratification of the transfer of the disputed lands around Berwick back to the Bears was finally concluded. This agreement was undertaken in the very dark days when Albion was in Civil War and had Unliving Armies upon their soil. It insured the Harts had a free hand against the Lions in the honour duel at the Gathering of 1096 AF. It seems that walls of Berwick Castle and the Town were razed to the ground as a passing gift from the Lions. Exact reports upon the destruction are difficult to come across.
In his speech Lord Wraith charged the Lions for this destruction. Lord General Rhino of the Lions pleaded guilty with a Dwarfish grin of a successful job completed. Later these two protagonists exchanged loud words upon the Battle of Chesterfield where the Bears according to them routed easily a marauding army of Lions. Despite this the Bears failed to take Chesterfield by storm and laid siege for a month or so in the middle of last year.
The Earl Hawkeye, High Sheriff of Albion, asked my advice upon drafting the arrest warrant for Master Violet. Lady Elspeth was transported by Master Violet to the White Spire during his Birthday Party to answer his accusations of the murder of Zoist Kyan, the former Black Mage. This according to Albion Law is kidnapping because she was taken against her will from her library in Eaton.
Lord General Thorvald announced that he was formally returning jurisdiction concerning the Maroc-Violet issue to Floris-Brand, although he expressed doubt in the ability of the Guild to complete the issue. This annoyed the Grand Master. Thorvald reasoned that as he could not exact punishment against Master Violet so it was pointless for him to decide upon the matter. In defence of Lady Karlennon, Maroc stepped forward and exchanged words with the mage. For his pains Master Violet mage bolted him.
By this time Grand Master Floris-Brand seemed to have had enough of all the bickering within his guild. The Colour Mages were in dispute. Master Black made threats towards the Green Haired Apprentices of Master White. Both Masters Violet and White wished Master Black would be removed from her post by some means or another. Master Violet wishing to resurrect his friend Zoist Kyan, the previous Master Black. This was combined with Master Violet’s increasing erratic behaviour.
After Violet entered the building, upsetting a number of the Harts present whose desire for vengeance was barely concealed, the Grand Master announced that he was disbanding his ritual group, the Master Colour Mages, and asked that they all return their guild symbols to him before the assembly. The Grand Master was overheard saying, ‘I didn’t like doing rituals of peace anyway’. The Mages Guild is now undergoing considerable restructuring.
The black non-corporeal body with red unholy staring eyes, turned out to be of Sir Bedevere, one of Arthur’s Knights of the round table. This caused much concern. He heralded the return of his Lord, The Pendragon, an event now very close. He possessed the host’s wife, Lady Ylander O’Fergison, a very senior Incantor from Lady Kathen Fairchild’s Ritual Circle. Through her he spoke his words.
Upon leaving he left a strange gold amulet with a green paw-print around her neck. Reynauld du Chatelaine of the Slayers was made unconscious when he attempted to sense magic upon this powerful artefact. It was later discover that this amulet came from Lord General Calin who slipped it around the good lady’s neck as the Ghost of Bedivere was attempting to reach her.
Lady Lysandra took her rightful name of Charenten but not her given name of Rose.
The dissolution of the Colour Mages resulted in many of the Ritual Circles being even less reliable .The Colour mages were no longer required to associate with their factions of origin. Lord General Thorvald had brought into question Maser White’s ability and interest in the welfare of the Wolves Faction. In retaliation, the Wolf Faction was badly hit. The travel and rituals were disrupted. This restricted the preparations for the ritual for the destruction of all terrestrial Unliving. Some concern has been expressed about there being no longer a Ritual of Peace at important gatherings. Some especially among the proud nations of the Bears and the Wolves have welcomed this. In an open letter to the Wolves and Lord Thorvald, the White Mage stated:
An Open Letter to the People of Norsca.
Lord General Thorvald,
Upon review of the incidents of the Yule Party of the Harts last evening
I am writing to you on behalf of the Grandmaster Floris Brand andthe Mages’ Guild. This letter reflects his wishes.
I must admit that your rather flippant attitude to the past actions of the
Guild in support of the Gathering Treaty and all the nations it covers isdisappointing. For someone of your position to treat theGrandmaster Floris Brand so lightly is irresponsible when considering the use your factionmakes of Ritual Circles and magic in general. Perhaps when your troops dieon the next field of battle at a time where they would have previously hadthe protection of the Ritual of Peace you will remember these words.
Until such time as an apology is forthcoming from yourself to the
Grandmaster and the Guild, I personally will quite simply not support anymembers of your faction or their rituals. When your trade is disrupted andyour great ritual to destroy the Unliving is, at the very least,inconvenienced I expect that you will reconsider your short sighted views.
As it stands now, after the dissolution of the Mages’ Council the Ritual
Circles operated by the Mages’ Guild will only be open between first lightand noon. This is however under review, and the reduced resources availableto the Guild may serve all best in the hands of factions which reciprocaterespect.
On behalf of the Guild I await your satisfactory response.
The White Mage
The 12th day of the first month of the year 1097 after the founding of theGreat Library of Magic.