The Eaton Garden Party of 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
Lady Elspeth Karlennon of Eaton re-inaugurated the tradition of hosting the annual Garden Party in Eaton on the 13th July 1096 AF. Lady Karlennon and her new husband seemed so happy in each others company. I arrived in the company of Lady Akijah Na’Shaar, the Seneschal of Lord Calin. Already there were many peoples from many lands in the grounds.

Almost the complete Erin Court accompanied Lady Ailish from Erin. These in their usual style ate, drank and sang until they could no more. I was warmly greeted by Baron Lachlan who told me that he had just married the Lady Ailish O’Donovan. This was still a secret as Lord Fig disapproved of their association. He talked warmly of his provinces upon the Cymrijan mainland and the isle off the coast of Caerleon and the ramshackle castle of Beaumaris. Baron Lachlan thanked me for my efforts in feeding and supplying his forces that were arrayed against the Unliving in the South of Albion. He informed me that he had sold the deeds to Exeter that he had been given for his efforts in relieving this City. He told me of the many ways the Lions were trying to raise money to pay for mercenaries to fight the Harts.

It was good to meet Baron Korn again. We talked upon the problems over the border disputed between Cymrija and Albion. We both agreed that these would only be resolved when Albion is once again a unified body.

Most of the Colour Mages had come down from their Guild House in Norhault. Master Black and Master White continued their duelling with words. Master Violet was in a quiet mood. Master Floris-Brand was preoccupied with higher matters that mortal man just wonders upon.

I have known Talistar for a number of years. This fanatically loyal Elven childhood friend of Lord Calin who only very recently came into contact with the world outside the Greenwood seemed to be coming to terms with manners and creeds outside this sanctuary. He was strangely pleasant to me amongst others. I had got so use to his High Elven manners that it was a little unnerving. Certainly he had learnt that the use of words was another manner of returning an insult.

The Karlennon Household is renowned for their hospitality and this time was no exception. The food was enough to quench the appetite, even of Sergeant Bimble, Sir Falcon and Talistar.

At about dusk, I had a strange feeling of foreboding as I walked from the front gate. I informed Lady Aleda of the Fellowship of the Full Moon that I think she should ask her guards to stand to arms. Just as I was doing this, Maroc ran past shouting that we were under attack by Unliving. I immediately raised the alarm in the Hall. Seemingly totally unaware of danger the Erin Court, Lady Ailish and Connall carried on singing.
Earlier I had lent my sword to Morgannia for a trial of arms against one in the Fellowship. The hideous death knights, zombies and skeletal warriors attacked. These caused much confusion amongst the guests. Lady Karlennon was protected with great ability by Maroc and the Cray Twins. I was cut down when I was going to their aid. Later in the combat, I was able to persuade Master White to lend me his sword. In surety, I gave him my beloved hat. The feel of this mighty blade in the hand brought back my youth. Not for many years had I had such a fine blade that cut down a skeletal warrior with a few blows. Finally the attackers were driven off. Among the wounded was a poor merchant guard from the Unicorns who had the misfortune to break his leg. With great care he was carried away to the local Hospice.