The Documents of Stephen de Parkes

-From the archives of the Bards Guild, found with a body, possibly that of Stephen de Parkes, in the
Great Library in Norhault on the twenty-sixth day of June 1099.
The library, June 25, 1099
Master, I have continued with the research into the plague demons, elven treasures and associated
issues. My research led me to a little used section of our library, when I arrived there I found much
to my horror that the section was alblaze! With rapid aid from others present we managed to
extinguish the flames but the records I sought had been all but destroyed. I have extracted the
following scraps of knowledge in the hope that they may be of some use. I have also discovered a
further set of prophecies that you may be interested in.
– Stephen de Parkes
On the matter of the demons of the plague lords. The demons of the body manifest themselves as
large figures clad in rags of green and brown, their faces are pus ridden and gangrenous. Beware
their blows for they swing them with unnatural strength and accuracy. Smashing armour apart or
slipping rusty blades into weak joints. The demons themselves have unholy endurance and many
shrug off weapons of steel as we shrug off raindrops. These foul beasts seem unaffected by mortal
magics and they themselves can be mages of great potential.
The plagues of the mind show themselves as beasts of wild clashing colours that offend the eyes and
senses, their blows wreak havoc with your thoughts as well as destroying your body, they are similar
in many ways to their brethren of the body.
The last beasts are little seen, the demons of the soul are grey, sombre beasts whose power we
know little about.
Father Aran of the Third Church of Shal-aya
The binding begins with the blessing o the cha…
… the ladies music soothes those pre…
…truename three times …
Vessel prepared…
…ven King, all twelve treasures on his person did do battle with the master of the three beasts…
The line of Morwenna would return to the circle to comple…
… ker, with the blood of man would leave with the spirit of a w…
holiest place lay on a northern isle where the Trollkin once roamed…
…three thrones beneath one on a dais made of pus, excrement and bile…
Body, mind and soul.

prince was defeated. King Tol-Ethel was stricken by a sickness none could cure and the rule of that
mighty house ended soon after. The kings only son, Folnezra, had already given up all right to the
throne and the kings only brother, *Jil-Ethel, had left the lands to see…
* Uncertain of first letter, could also be a G.