The Church of Condesecration

The following all refers to the newer larger adopted part of the Clan and not to the original native clan led by Thorfinn MacBeth

The Church of Condesecration was originally formed in Fairy Land.

Initially regarded as a private form of Mysticism, it was creates as a con trick to keep the superstitious Trolls under control by their human masters, in the eternal struggle against the Laos Alfar (elves to U and me). Unfortunately when one of these fictitious Gods suddenly appeared in the central Basilica at Glouvoster and proceeded to destroy the clergy within, this religion took on a new and sinister appearance.

Malgin the Black’s (Hence forth known as the Destroyer) reappearance, and proclamations of his demigod status, connived those waverers, that the church and all it believed in were real, and this new regime was carried out with lethal force. Shortly after his appearance, Malgin once again disappeared, as he ascended to a higher state.

In short, the Church was thrown into turmoil. Having only just adjusted to the fact that their God existed, they now had to come to terms with the fact that he had disappeared again. In addition, the Elven states were aligning themselves with their ogre neighbours, in the hope of attacking and destroying Trollheim before Malgin could return.

Several Trollish lords along wit Human companions embarked on a long and frustrating search for their God. Unable to locate him, they decided to create their own in order to keep the populace in line and once more unite the army in the forthcoming war against the elves. After several years they finally found a ritual which they believed would help elevate one of their numbers to demi-god hood.

It was the Anti-Paladin, simply known as the Grinning who somehow convinced then that he should be the one, and believing they could control him, they agreed to perform the incantations upon him. Needing the sacrifice of sufficient power, they engineered battle between the human bear cult’s and the Jotun Lord Khir-Anos. In the ensuing conflict, the humans killed the Jotun Lord and his Fimir allies, but at a great cost to themselves, with most of the tribes being decimated. Never the less, the result was as wished for, and sneaking onto the battle field, protected by weaves of night, the Trollish lords stole the body of Khir-Anos so desperate for their ritual.

Of what happened next, little is reported, suffice to say, the Grinning was never seen again, but Lord Waste was born. Appearing as a large Black form of humanoid shape, with glowing reed eye’s. Lord Waste arrived at Glouvoster and proclaimed himself Malgin returned. Those who disagreed or raised objection, were destroyed immediately, by this being who wielded terrible powers of death. Soon after, the church was revived with new powers. Lord Waste gathered to him nine new disciples and set about reaffirming the power of Trollheim in the face of adversity. In the following years, under his guidance, Trollheim began expanding.

First to fall was Freeport, followed shortly by a disastrous campaign in the Wulf Woods. Meanwhile, the Elves were content to take a back seat, preferring to enjoy themselves rather than enter once more into conflict with their old adversary, and it was during this time, that the Fimir chose to once more appear in the land. The invasion was led by the war general Karas-Dar, and subsequently the Lich mage Lestragin, they swept down from the north, while the rest of the land was squabbling amongst themselves. Caught unawares, and lacking the forces for a direct attack.

The Elves and Trolls were forced to unite amongst themselves. For whilst they hated each other, the Fimir were the enemies of all life. In the ensuing war, the Fimir were driven back due to the combined efforts of both sides, and in the final battle Karas-Dar was killed by Lord Waste, yet at a great price. Treacherous to the end, and sensing the tide had turned in their favour, the Elven host retreated from the battlefield, whilst the conflict still raged.

Once safely away, their sorceress unleashed the terrible powers of the Wyld Magik. Powers so great that the Sidhe had forbidden mortals from ever using them. Yet seeking to push home their advantage they sought to unleash this power and destroy both their enemies in one fell swoop. Lord Waste, sensing the build of power, in turn invoked his power, and gathering his priests and ritualists summoned forth the power of Desolation, to protect him and his kind. With such a great build up of two conflicting sources, the very fabric of the land was ripped apart, opening a maelstrom which dragged the remaining church members into, dispatching them in these lands alone and friendless..


In times gone by a portal appeared. The link to the new world both feared and revered. What lay beyond was on everyone’s thoughts. Shaitain send forth an expeditionary force. To discover, to conquer this new found land. 12 sent through, a group named Vitain. Time went by, no news returned. No Wamphyri had been seen from the group Vitain. Our leaders they panicked, this place was a trap. No-one to enter lest they would not come back.

The new world became a prison, where exiles were sent. Those who didn’t agree with all the blood let. Those who’d resist there hunger for life. Who be banished forever to the place of Wamphyri strife. The son of Wantake one of the Vitain. Who convinced of the need to go there again. His opinions were clear, there was no mystery here. Vitain had discovered a world to hold dear. To the council of elders he took his words. He was banished a traitor never to return. He was cast through the portal to the land he held dear. Where he wandered unnoticed for 100 years.

The Temporal Guard

The Temporal Guard are an elite unit of bodyguard who’s sole responsibility is to protect and ensure the general well being of the head of the church of Condesecration. They also act as champions for the church and always accept challenges of single combat, on behalf of the church as well as the head of the church himself. To make sure they perform their roll to the best of their ability they are endowed with a divine aura bestowed to them by Lord Waste himself. This aura ensures the outcome of many bouts, making them more than a match for most opponents. Only warriors with the very highest standard of martial prowess ever become a Guard. Once every year a ritual is performed to imbue the guard with this divine aura. The ritual involves the Guard receiving the tiniest portion of Lord Waste’s essence. If the guard ever fail in their task as protectors, rumours abound that the full fury of Lord Waste will descend upon the Guard. After a portion of the church army was dragged through the rift the majority of the Temporal Guard. }