The Battle of Caer Herne (14th May 1096 AF)

Sir Huw de Grognard
ORDER OF BATTLE (14th May 1096 AF)

Commander:- Lord General Calin of the Hunters, Banatar of the Harts.

Wing Commanders: General Tarn and Lord PlebChief of Staff:-Sir Huw de GrognardAmion Brigade:- Baron Amion Solitaire of the Death Jesters [Northern Mercenary Elves, Harlequins and Death Jesters.]
Hawkeye Brigade:- Baron Hawkeye of the Hawkshead Archers [Hawkshead Archers]Gerrick Brigade:- Baron Gerrick of the Watchers of Darkwood [Stag Knights and the Watchers of Darkwood.]Tiamat Brigade:- Baron Tiamat of the Karlennon Wolverines [Karlennon Wolverines, and the Slayers.]Tarn Brigade:-General Tarn of the Hunters [Hunters, Beastmen, and Knights of the Dark Sun.]Dal Riadan Army:- Lord Pleb with Baron Lachlan, Duke of Dalriada [Erin Army, Paladins of Danu and Clans]
Eastern Cymrijan Army:- Lord (Warband)Southern Cymrijan Army:- Lord Caradog (Warband)Northern Cymrijan Army:-Lord (Warband)The was the first pitched battle in the cleansing of Albion of Unliving scourge. The combined nine legions of the Harts and the Dragons with support elements from the Unicorns were faced by a lone Unliving Legion guarding the pass of Caer Herne.

In the morning, a combined force of light troops taken volunteers from all contingents infiltrated through the rough upland moorland either side of the pass of Caer Herne. This cleared most of the flanking ‘surprises’ using superior agility and initiative. Notable amongst these were Lady Akijah Na’Shaar, Baron Gerrick, Samildonach McKinnon, Baroness Zircon and Baron Hawkeye. Due to the confused nature of this phase of the battle resulted in some casualties perishing before they could be found by Healers or Incantors. Among the dead was the venerable Burt the Farrier, whom I had known for many years from Edwinstowe. I broke the news later to Baroness Zircon that saddened her greatly.

The decisive phase of the battle came around noon when the main assault force to storm the barricades blocking the pass was led by Baron Tiamat, General Tarn and Baron Lachlan. At Lord Calin’s request, I accompanied the forlorn hope. The first to the barricades was Squire Orvac Genocide of the Wolverines and Sergeant Bimble of the Hunters. With the flanks of the Unliving turned, the commander of the Unliving had finally received the consent of Katrina to preserve his command and attempt to retire. The onrushing troops swiftly overran his rearguard and shattered the retreating units.
Our casualties were negligible. There were only a few of the potent Unliving present that caused mortal wounds. The field of battle was quickly secured so our casualties could be safely tended to by healers from the rear echelons. The only fatalities were one who broke his neck falling over the barricade and another caused by the Unliving leader’s parting shot who escaped.

By sunset, the Incantors led by Wulfgar, Lady Kathen and Attila the Nun declared the area secure from Unliving. Piquets were stationed for the night. Our reconnaissance reported that no large forces of Katrina’s pets were within one days march. Lord Calin was congratulated by all present on his deft handling of the combined arms. All units acquitted themselves with the decorum expected of them. The fine manner that the different nations co-operated with each other, all went well for the next stage of the war, the relief of Bristol and Exeter.

The whole of the Thursday 16th May was spent reorganising the Armies after it had passed the narrow defile to Caer Herne. At this time, Sir Hugo Charenten arrived from the North of Albion. Roughly a third of the force separated from the main body to march on Exeter. This composed of two Harts Armies, the Dal Riadans and a Dragon Warband under the command of Lord Pleb. The next day was to see the simultaneous dawn assault on the Unliving forces around Bristol and Exeter. The Garrison of Bristol had promised to sally forth from their fortifications.