Shocking Developments At Montol Banquet!

The Tease is stunned to report upon the
following events, which took place at the seat of
House Corvidae in Cornwall this Yule just
Following a series of letters sent to various
worthies domestic and foreign, the long
standing Lord Counsel Isaac Hulce (42) found
himself accused of High Treason and executed
amidst extraordinary scenes.
The charges relate to multiple killings carried
out by the Lord Counsel throughout the lands of
Albion and abroad. The accused, who had the
air of a man with nothing left to live for, made
no attempt to deny or hide from this fact, which
he explained as being necessary to protect the
stability of the nation. All those reported slain
were individuals with a greater or lesser claim
upon the Pendragon throne, and the Lord
Counsel’s reasoning was that given the ever-
increasing chaos and instability which our
beloved nation is riven with, it would be best for
our mutual future if said individuals were
removed from the line of succession before
they had a chance to gather a power-base and
stake a claim.
During the trial, it emerged from very reliable
sources that Lord Ambassador Lucan Bathroy
had sought to procure the assistance of
members of the Frozen Court to carry out
further killings at his behest, raising further
questions for the future, the leadership
of our great nation and the natures of those in
the upper reaches of Court.
Sentence on Isaac was carried out by the Lord
Provost in full view of the assembled court,
prompting grief and anger from many.