Scouting Reports – Winter 1109


The people of Cornwall have more reason to be happy this year than in recent times. The Nishak Daemons have been driven from the land and the corruption of the Serenity Circle has been cleansed. Life is finally returning to normal in Albion’s south western Duchy.

Things are not all roses however.

Rumours abound of strange, Unliving creatures that roam the land. Some believe that they are the long dead remains of an ancient knight and his forces come again to wreak havoc on the land. The Queen’s Champion stalks the land once more.

In Caer Hearne, home to the Duchess the building moves on apace. The tent village that formed when work began is slowly becoming a thriving settlement, though attacks on the incomplete Archers Guild-house caused great uproar. The people of Caer Hearne are now vigilant against repeats of such actions.

In Silverlake the people look skyward and find that the strange lights that have played across the sky for the past year have vanished. Some claim that the cleansing of the Serenity circle was the cause of their disappearance, while others say that it is a sign of the return of Taranis. The later seems unlikely as any worship of the Ancestor of Storms seems to have dwindled or been driven underground.

In Pendrinn a new school has opened teaching the children of the area and those who come from farther afield. The people of Alton speak of strange magical curses afflicting their crops and livestock, perhaps a backlash from Serenity. And on Helston Moor Rangers report the disappearance of a number of locals

As to the rest of the Duchy, the people seem to have taken to their newer nobles with less distrust than in recent years. Worship of the Albion Trinity is flourishing, due in no small part to the work of the Duchess, and the open hostility of recent times is diminished.


Much has changed in the Forest Duchy over the last year and not all of it for the better.

The Greenwood, the great Green heart of Gloucester has become a place of darkness and fear. Many who dare to enter its boundaries find that the very forest itself harries them and the creatures within have become feral things that now attack travellers without provocation.

The Elves that once called the Forest their home have been driven to the outskirts by corrupted tree spirits and they now warn anyone against travelling within the dark canopy of the Greenwood. Even the Rangers of Albion, save but a few are refused access by the creatures of this wild place. Something dark lurks within its shadows, threatening to move beyond its ancient boundaries.

Another Duchess has come to the land to try to tame it and the people look upon her appointment with scepticism. In Castleford her name is jeered by the locals and cheered by the displaced workers of York that came to rebuild the town after its destruction. Tensions between these two factions have been building over the last year unchecked by the local lords, which has resulted in violent displays in the newly laid streets.

Further south in Stretton the people are more relaxed, the news of a visit by the King himself, sending people into a frenzy of activity. In towns throughout the region people are flying banners and lining the streets in the hope they will be able to catch a glimpse of His Majesty as he passes.

The people of Keswick are a resilient people and have weathered the year in their usual stoic manner, which seems to have yet again served them well.

The terrible bandit trouble that plagued the Duchy under the leadership of the Bandit Red Shaun, has dwindled since his capture and execution, news that was met with great celebration by the people of the Duchy. The local sheriffs are still on the hunt for the remnants of Red Shaun’s men and are keeping the local banditry under control.

Pontefract seems to have been a hive of activity over the last year, with Sheriffs and Troops scouring the area for someone or something. The locals know very little other than a number of their youngsters have gone missing and there are wild claims of vampirism running rampant in the area. The people have faith that the Trinity will protect them from such foul things and pray daily at the Temples and Shrines that dot the landscape.

The forces of the Keswick Battalion still look ever eastward, ready for some attack by the Akari that still plague the people of York. Though news of a major victory over this enemy at the Gathering of Nations has calmed the people who live on the border of the two Duchies slightly, and with two members of the Regent’s Royal Council watching over them, they feel better represented within the court.


The people of the Royal Duchy pride themselves on their loyalty to the Throne and the defence of the King, and this year they feel they have outdone themselves.

Selby, for so long a Daemon occupied stronghold, is once more in the hands of the Crown. The Nishak Court of Lies has been driven out and the last of the Daemon Lords slain, the Guilds once more have their Royal Charters and the King himself has visited the site of Winchesters most recent triumph.

The Winchester Battalion, with remnants of the other Albion armies, returned home to a heroes welcome. The streets were littered with people as they sang the praises of the Battalion, the Regent and the King. Truly the people of Winchester are blessed amongst the peoples of Albion.

Rebuilding in the towns of Lismore and Lowestoft goes well and the damage caused when these two towns were attacked by Pirates last year, seems to have been almost forgotten by all those outside the region.

With the Naval blockade that has been in place, trade by sea has been greatly improved with few attacks being reported. The mists that seemed to cause so much trouble last year have passed and the few ships that have been hit seem to have only lost supplies of Tea. The upturn in prices that occurred last year, believed to have been brought on by the war with the Akari and the Nishak is still firmly in place and the people at the lower of end of the marketplace are suffering as a result. The poor become poorer, whilst the rich become richer.

There was a memorial service to the late Duchess held in the month of September, to which many of the people of Winchester flocked to pay their respects.


The Akari have been defeated!
At least that is what the people outside of York are saying.
At the gathering of nations, the leader of the Akari, the terrible Lord Roan was brought low and his compact with the forces of Entropy ended. The people of York see no evidence of this.

The City is still firmly under the hand of the so-called “Prince of York”, his forces having taken the towns of Towton and Beverly in devastating raids that left both towns a shattered wreck of what they once were. In Beverly, some were able to be evacuated through the brave actions of a small band of Harts, but Towton was not so lucky. Those able to get close enough to it now say that nothing remains of the people of Towton, all were taken of killed by the Akari when they swept through the place.

Yet after the heroics of Hedgley Moor the legend of the York Battalion brings new blood to its ranks. Rebuilt in the City of Londinium, just as the City is being rebuilt, the Battalion once again is a force to be reckoned with and rallied by their Duke they are once more ready to fight the enemy.

North of the great wall a new settlement is being formed from those people that fled beyond the wall for safety against the Akari, these people claim that the land is cursed and that they will never return to their former homes.

Trade through York is slow, few daring to travel the roads for fear of attack. Those few traders that do make it through bring strange and wild tales of what they have seen. One such report, spoken a few times is that the Vale of York is now a haunted and gruesome place. They say that the dead of York, taken by the Akari have brought death to it and that the Vale is now forever cursed.