Scouting Reports March 1111


The First Tooth and Claw are holding the area just southeast of Two rivers and to the west of Dunwich Vale in Naseby and are keeping the enemy at bay but it looks like most of the unliving forces are still camped around the Milford area.
Leeds has been under heavy attack but in recent days the unliving seems to have retreated allowing a partial evacuation of the civilians.
A patrol moving past Pontefract to the east found a group of dead humans that had been brutally tortured. All had the Black Flame Tattoo on their bodies. It was not possible to find out where they were heading before they got captured and bodies could not be retrieved because of an approaching unliving patrol.
Several villages further to the east seem to have been forcibly emptied with evidence that most of the occupants had been taken alive. A survivor from one of the villages confirmed that an Unliving raiding party hit late in the evening some 2 days ago and rounded up the whole village. Any resistance was swiftly dealt with by the sword and the bodies raised. The survivor, who has been taken back to Pontefract, was able to give very little detail but tracks suggest that both the dead and the living were taken to Milford.
Eaton in Norhault was almost overrun last night with a surprise attack coming from the Vale of Eaton. The Unliving breached the town’s defences but were forced back by solders under the commanded of Eclipse. Fighting continues today but the worst of the attack seems to be over. Scouts say no new Unliving are travelling through the Vale.
Reports compiled by the Rangers