Riddles and Curses related to Tungusku

Tungusku’s Curse

Upon your entering the office of the Embassy and asking to see Leri’s papers on Tungusku, the scribe hands you a heavy book. If you ask where Leri is, the scribe will answer, “She’s gone to her home in Caer Pendrinn just for the moment, and taken our ex-Seneschal with her. Ah – you’ll also want to know the latest news on the Curse, won’t you – here, have a look at this.”
A freshly scribed note is placed in front of you, entitled The Huldrafolk at the Heartland Games.
If you wish to make copies of any of the papers, the scribe will provide you with parchment, pen and ink; or if you have not the way with written words, a fair copy will be provided to you.
Tucked into the front cover of the book is a short note:

To whom it may concern,
All that has come to my attention concerning this curse is recorded here. Look through these papers with my goodwill, and take as long as you may require to do so. If you know anything else that may shed some light in this darkness, please tell the scribe.
I wish that there were more time in the world, for I have little spare to give to the problem of how to solve this dreadful puzzle. If you have the time and the will, please speak – my heart and the hearts of all those who have suffered by this curse will go out to you.

Lerianneth Penhaligon

Aide to Sir Martaine Quarrier, the Albion Envoy to the Court of the Wolf

The Huldrafolk at the Heartland Games
We can infer from information gleaned from Huldrafolk who came to the Heartland Games to offer their aid, that the Curse is linked to trees planted in the lands of the Wolves.

Thornblade’s Record of Notable Events II

This being an account of those happenings I observed at the Star Chamber meeting of the Wolf Faction, including the Wedding of Freya the Sherrif of Jotunheim and Craggle McYokel, and the threats and riddles of the Tungusku of the Tabasco court of Unseelie Fey, the Latter Tale starting as light-hearted As The First but not finishing so to my Very Great Grief.
I had left the Writing Of this record for one week in the Hopes Of getting all straight in My Mind before starting, but still have made a Poor Fist of it so far, and have Decided to just write it all anyway, and let Those Who read find their own sense as may be.
(It being completely My Own Fault, in general if not in specifics. All very well to go wishing to be A Hero as I did in My Last. Better being to wish for to have Heroic Qualities such as not getting In A Faff when given responsibility, also to Persevere in the face of being Not Taken serious though I suspect Most Heroes have less trouble with this but False Pride is no way to get on and I have thereby done a Most Dreadful thing.)
In order then for I am Putting Off still but not writing about it Will Not make it go away.

Concerning the Riddles of the Tungusku
Although Fine Fighting to watch at first I do not like to see warriors Teased and Tormented in such fashion and did Not Watch for long, but was unable to re-enter the building an Unseelie Fey having blocked Our Gate. He was saying he Had Been requested to do us harm by the White Hand, but found More Amusement to give us A Chance and would therefore Give Us a series of riddles to which he wished The Answers by midnight, also An Object representing Each Answer.
Being later present when the First Riddle arrived and becoming Much Involved in finding the object associated Princess Maeve then asked me to Take Charge of dealing with all, along with the Lady Brighid. Alas but I was Greatly Flattered and suchlike and accepted Rather Than Saying that I was not fit for such a task being A Peasant which is No Dishonour to be but there are Places and Tasks for us all each to Our Station.
However I did not say Any Of This and indeed felt very Busy and Important and spent much of the rest of The Evening in quest of riddles and objects. Notable among those Who Helped in this task were Meras of the Dragons and T’Keen and another of The Beastkin whose name I cannot now call to mind but Most Helpful and also Dangerously Incompetant after Some Discussion with Freya.
There were Four Riddles in total, the answers being a Key, an hourglass, a ring and an onion. Of all of them the hourglass were Easiest To Find, it having No Value to others. The key and the ring were Tracked Down also in the end, one of each of them having appeared most Mysterious earlier in the evening. However the onion being the Last Answer we had less time to find, and Most Odd but in the whole Feasting Hall and kitchens that There Were None.
Three times in that Last Hour I tried to leave With Intention to fetch one from my Own Home in Vanaheim, and each time There Were Something as prevented such, being firstly a Great Flux in the ritual circle Such That no-one could be near it, and then An Attack by a great horde, during which Knowing Well my own abilities I went and had Another Search of the kitchens More Completely this time but still No Luck.

Concerning the answers to the Riddles, and the Importance of Onions
I am thinking if I had succeeded in This Quest of mine I would be making Far Less now of how difficult it was, saying like a Great One ‘ah, to find an onion? A simple thing – A Child could do it.’ or some thing. All this writing only Being Me trying to make excuses where None Should Be so shall Get To the point.
Come midnight then, and us Still Lacking one object. Having been told by Jihad that the Tungusku liked greatly to Be Amused did my best to Be Humourous, referring to the Mother of my Husband as I have Heard Others Do with Great Success when wishing to entertain, but So Nervous by then was Not Sure How Effective this were. The Tungusku was not satisified by Four Answers and Only Three Objects, nor yet by The Cogoanut offered by First Mate Marley, which he Most Churlish turned into a cream pie and Pushed Into her face which was Scant Reward for her kindness. He smiled and Declared That the curse Would Stand being that our firstborn From Now On would have no patterns, him Taking Their Patterns for His Own. Then there were a Great Silence in the room and the Tungusku vanished.
For what Happened After I cannot say except remembering that Sir Hugo Charenton was Greatly Angered saying how hard Can It Be to find an onion, this reproach being Too Much for me on top of all else and so Compounded My Shame by bursting into tears. I am grateful to Lord Benedict Karlennon for his Kindness and Comforting Words also those around him, but Will Not Happen again, as was most UnCalledFor. The evening then Being Over people dispersed for the night.

Concerning the Lifting of Curses, and a Plea For Help
It being a week later I am now thinking Much More Clear now than I could then. I have spent this week Ridding Myself of highflown and tragic thoughts of how to live with myself and Such Like the answer being as I Know Full Well such stuff is All Very Well for stories, but that I will do Just Fine in spite this failure and am Learning to Cope with it, Moping Around feeling guilty being Most Impractical and therefore a Bad Solution. Having got this far, I have Some Ideas which I will discuss with them As Knows more than me.
If you have read This Far and have a thought of How To Lift this curse then please tell those who Have Need. To lose any child is Pity Beyond all things, but a firstborn holding always so Dear a Place in the heart. Be you Wolf or whatever, if you Know and Say Nothing, just to remember that Those Who will suffer for this are Too Young to know anything of faction or race.
As always, grateful for corrections, and apologising for Anything Mis-said.

30th May, 1099 – Anatasia
I have read about the above and the distress it has caused all those poor mothers. Please advise as to whether the Wolves are still suffering. I have spoken to Tig and we have a basic idea for a ritual which may provide a possible solution. If the curse is still in force then either myself or Tig will provide more information after “fine tuning” our ideas.

9th March, 1099 – Ilse von Alfeld
Dearest Leri
Any and all of the letters I have sent you should be put to whatever use you deem necessary.

I have developed a technique to stabilise the mothers and I am experimenting with herbs known to delay labour in the women, for a while at least. My former master, Carl, has come to build a new ward and this is a huge relief. I have not yet treated a non-Norscan woman, the Helvetian is still before her time…we will just have to wait and see.

The situation does appear to have stabilised for now, but I agree that we need help. I will contact my brother as the only “heavy” I know and ask him to do what he can.
Much love

11th March, 1099 – The Sword of Dawn
Master Jax Ur, Master Guiliano, Lady Penhaligon,
Captain sends his thanks, and sez he’s wishen he could read the winds to send ’em personal, as gentlem’n and ladies like you’s deserves. We’s much indebted to ye’s, cos we’s been in ports when the militia turns against ye’s, and it’s not pretty.

We’s travellin’ fine for Brighthelm Stane, and the weather is no worse than we’s spectin’. All the ladies is fine, though a few are a little green from the turmoil, but none worse than you’s expectin’ from it being their first time at sea, like.

Captain reckons that we’s be in Brighthelm Stane in two days, lessen the wind changes against we’s. We’s send a messsage from there to let you know we’s safe and sound, and that the ladies are in the Chalice (and they’s fine in there, as it was the Healers there what set Davee Prufrocks leg and hip when he bust it fallin’ from the riggin’, and it bein beyond me to help him, but all I could do was feed he’s rum to ease the pain)

I’s’ll be speaking to ye’s later when we reach Brighthelm Stane Light. Captian sez that we’s be settin’ off back to Odinsheim fjord soon as the ladies are offloaded and the water casks filled.

Strong winds and safe harbours to ye’s, and the Winds bless ye’s for you’s helpin’ us

I’ve never heard of Ansur Ravenson, so I presume he doesn’t matter.
Arthur Meekins

Mate, Sword of Dawn

10th March, 1099 – Jax-Ur, regarding The Sword of Dawn
Arthur Meekins,
Bar the opinions of perhaps half a dozen other members of the Wolf Faction, let me know of a Wolf port (preferabley near a ritual circle) that you wish to dock at and I (and my current vexation) will attend to oversee the proper treatment is shown to you as guests and aides in our time of troubles.

I’ve never heard of Ansur Ravenson, so I presume he doesn’t matter.
Jax-Ur, Chancellor of the Wolf Faction.

10th March, 1099 – The Sword of Dawn
Master Guiliano, Master Jax-Ur, Lady Penhaligon, Mate Marley
I’s been asked by the captain to ask wots goin’ on wif this Ansur Ravenson cove? Not only is he beein’ downright rude to Lady Penhaligon (“You would be wise to cooperate” is poncy militia speek for “we’s got you bang to rites and if’n you complain we’s can do you over an no-one can say otherwise”) but ‘e sez ‘es been investigating us?

Captain says on the name of his ship we’s broke no Wolf laws and we’s not bein’ paid for this transport job. We’s doin’ it for a favour for a friend.

We’s currently at sea wif some of your Wolf ladies, and makin’ sure they’s alright. They’ll be at Brighthelm Stane in a day or so, weather holdin’ like it is. This in’t a threat. We’s never taken slaves, nor innocents as prisoners, on the name of the Sword, we hasn’t. But if we’s goin’ to be investigated for helpin’, Captain in’t going to want to make another trip, favour or no favour. He’s not goin’ to let the Sword be impounded next trip we’s make to Norsca, neither, an if the only way to do that is not to go to Norsca, we’s not goin’, he sez.

Marley – you’s got the salt in your blood and sez these people are your friends. Tell’m what swearin’ by the name means, and if they does for us, don’t let em do it in the dark.

Lady Penhaligon, don’t let this Ansur gets you alone. All them militia are the same.
Arthur Meekins, Mate, Sword of Dawn