Remembering Tristis, the Lord Provost – penned by His Grace, Theo D’Arby, Royal Huntsman

Tristis was one of the most dedicated defenders of Albion and its people our Age has seen. I have heard and received so many messages of regret that such an important and influential figure has left us. How should we explain such numbers of people moved by his absence? Not just by the length of a life, famously lived to the full. It has to do with him giving of himself so readily and openly to those who need protection and aid.
Tristis lived a life that was, by many peoples standards, harsh and unforgiving but he, with his family and close friends, grabbed that life with a fervour that I only wish would be replicated in some of the Noble Houses and should be seen as an example of a Nobility of spirit that will always prevail. Albion is a darker place today without him but remember on his deeds and sacrifice and the reflection of his light will always stay with us in those darkest of times.
He was my Peer, my advisor, my confidant  and most importantly he was my friend. Remember him fondly and raise a glass, retell his stories and so he will live forever in the story of Albion. Keep his history alive and he will never fully be gone from our sight.