Phwoooar Majesty!

Nation rejoices as
lost Queen is restored
She’s baaaack!
A few short months ago we wept for her. We
wept tears of despair. Tears of dismay. Tears
of gloom and frustration. For our Queen was
gone from us — snatched away by mysterious
powers from the Council of Sarnia, by
assailants unknown and mysterious.
Some wondered whether she would ever be
seen alive again. Gloom, despondency and yes,
dejection, flooded our nation just as the
waters flooded it three fateful years ago.
Glorious light
But now she is once more where she belongs
— at the head of her folk. Once again the plain
people of Albion are privileged to see their
right royal radiant ruler striding around
shedding a glow of glorious light wherever her
dainty yet firm feet tread the sacred ground of
Albion. Once again we have a head of state
who can take her place among lesser kings,
potentates and dubious foreign dignitaries to
make Albion stand out among lesser nations
upon the political stage of Erdreja.

Our readers will be overjoyed to learn that in
a recent survey (by WMG&M) Her Maj has
been voted Most Beautiful and Sexy Monarch
in Erdreja by a massive margin of 27%.
When I heard that Queen Eloise was rescued, I
wept. I wept tears of joy. Tears of bliss. Tears
of happiness and delight. For the thought of
her shapely form, so delicious to look upon, so
astonishingly and yes, so voluptuously royal,
inspires me. It inspires all true warriors and
citizens of Albion.
It makes me sing out to the skies above. It
makes me pity lesser factions — for we have
Queen Eloise, and they do not.
Truly the sun shines upon us all today. Truly
too the stars will blaze forth tonight. All of
them will pay homage to the most truly
tottylicious Queen to be found anywhere. A
Queen whose name will be sung when other
songs about other royals are forgotten. A
Queen whose beauty will be painted when
other drawings of other royals are screwed up
and thrown into the campfire. A Queen whose
simple love for her people will endure when
other loves have turned to dust and ashes and
twigs and there that’s 350 words inv. enclosed.