On the wedding of Olaf Greylaton and Carmyna

The Royal Herald wishes to bestow hearty congratulations to Olaf Greytalon, King of the Ironhold, and Carmyna, Queen of the Ironhold, on their impending marriage. May Govannon and his kin except that one bless you with long life, rich delvings, and many bearded children!

A Brief Explanation of the Court Structure

The King’s Council shall revert to the form created by HM Queen Eloise. There shall be only a small number of permanent seats on this council, with the Throne calling to Council those members deemed to be required at the time of sitting. The Royal Council as it has previously stood was dissolved by HM…

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The Apple of Winter – a Midwinter Message from King Wyndrake

A transcript of the first Midwinter Message delivered by His Majesty King Wyndrake: Greetings to you all from the Palace at Winchester – I come to you tonight to wish you a happy Yuletide. Though we may be far apart, let us be as one – those who call Albion home, draw close. I bring…

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Letter Sent to the Fey at the Lions Winter Campaign 1118

Let it be known, our Courts will reunite and their majesties will rule together over one people, sharing the Silver Throne.  They proclaim the following – we expect all fey in a position of leadership who are currently within Arcadia shall swear to us directly.  Those in Erdreja who lack the ability to travel to…

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Of Hersingham Wood, September 1118

Regarding the mission to investigate the expected appearance of an elven city, led by Lord Seneschal Raphael Medici and Sir Theo d’Arby: We were unable to prevent the fey-killing weapon being formed, although the elf lord (name unknown to me) who held it was slain. The wood should be considered a hostile area at this…

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The Collected Works of Specialist Clinic

One of Erdreja’s finest ritualists donated the following collection to the libraries in a handy takeaway pamphlet format: Guide to Ritual Contribution Mitigating Ritual Disasters Guide to Ritual Magic Guide to Performing Rites

Royal Proclamation Concerning Cadarn Pendragon

Dictated by Arthurus Magnus Pendragon to Althea Emmet, Royal Scribe, at the Gathering of 1118 It is the word and will of The Pendragon Throne that the exile Cadarn Pendragon be welcomed home to Albion and that his crimes be absolved.

Harts Will Rock You!

Windrake was young man,  poor man; Fighting in the streets- Gonna be a great king some day! Got mud on your face! We think he’s ace – Kicking your helm all over the place! Harts will, Harts will  Rock you!! Harts will, Harts will  Rock you!! Harts will, Harts will  Rock you!! Harts will, Harts…

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Foreign Detail Missive: The Gathering of Nations 1118

– From the Lord Ambassador of Albion Subjects of the Albion Throne, I write to keep you informed of events taking place outside our borders, and across Erdreja. Clarifications In my previous Missive, I detailed that there were to be ten targets of war, chosen by each side. In between the Second Moot and Gathering…

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Cup of mead

I rose up in the morning and I felt I dire need, To dream away the dreary day and down a cup o’ mead, I felt the sting of honey bees, from last night’s revelry, I’m looking for the honey that’ll cure my soul’s disease… (clapping , heys. Etc) I drank another cup or two,…

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