On a Reconnaisance to Beverley

As Chronicled by Kida

A stalwart group of Harts made a foray into Beverley to search for signs of the traitorous Melanie. The village is now home to approximately two hundred refugees from York. Beverley, now mostly ruins, is littered with tents and temporary shelters. Despite the poor conditions the people are mostly in good health and were overjoyed to see valiant Harts pushing back into our besieged homeland.
Requests for more food and tools for rebuilding were presented to the party, in return the people of Beverley have offered to allow the use of the village as a staging post for future assaults into the wild of Albion. If carpentry tools can be sent they will build fortifications around the improvised tent city.

As for Melanie, there were no indications of her presence in the village. Selected people were checked for signs of beguilement but none were found. It appears she, so far, has slipped the net cast for her.

On his return, Sir Brandon of the Queens Knights, presented to Her Majesty the ‘Seal of Beverley’. This he received as proof of the villagers’ loyalty to the Crown.

Thomas, Duke of Keswick, has offered to supply engineers, tools and grain to help the beleaguered village in return for some of their carpenters.

This is one of the first steps in reclaiming our home and our thanks go to the brave beings that are fighting daily for our continued survival.