Note to the Lord Constable

Bit of an odd one this – have been down at the tavern in Selby for a post-shift drink with the boys. Been
playing cards with the lads from down in the Militia guildhouse, and they’ve told me a tale and a half.

Darwin Carden, Grandmaster of the Militia, has a birthmark in the shape of a crown on his backside. One
of the lads swore it, said they’d seen it on patrol, when Darwin dropped trou to take care of business out
in the bushes.

I said what’s the significance of that? He told me that he’d heard tell that Arthur’s Heir would be known
by a birthmark in the shape of a crown. Of course I told him he was talking out of his arse, let alone
staring at his boss’ arse, but he was pretty insistent.

Says that he’s heard about Darwin’s upbringing and all – that he was found on a doorstep in a basket or
such like, with no idea where he came from, and was taken in by the Cardens. I mean, it sounds like
tosh, doesn’t it?

But then, well, stranger things have happened at sea, haven’t they? Not to put too fine a point on it chief,
but you might want to…you know…check his arse. Just in case.

It could be the drink, but I feel like…maybe this is worth looking into? I dunno. Anyway, thought best to let
you know, as I know you’re taking an interest in all this.

John Stafford
Sheriff’s Office – Selby