/More News from Hereford

3rd day of December 1098
Good people of Albion, Some of you may know me, many of you will not. My name is Quarim Almalik and I am a man of Albion, but recently returned to my homeland.
I sincerely wish that I were able to meet you all in happier days, but it seems that the Unseelie filth of the bitch queen Katherine are intent on ruining my homecoming.I met some of you briefly at the Open Grand Council, but had business to attend to, and was forced to leave early. I journeyed from Teutonia to the Huntshire and so was close to the town of Hereford when the Unseelie of the “Tomorrow Court” attacked. When I heard of the attack, I hurried to the town to see if I could assist. I almost wish that I had not.
I regret to inform you, that, to all intents and purposes, the town of Hereford no longer exists.It seems, from the reports of the survivors, that somehow, the unseelie had managed to build a large force of troops, diverse and terrible, that came screaming out of the surrounding countryside from all directions. There seems to have been no one focal point for the army, they came from all sides at once. Whether they built their forces by bringing a few through the ritual circle at a time is unknown, but it seems likely that some form of magic was used.
Their troops were comprised of many strange creatures, with the bulk of the forces made up of the fae with the black and red spirals, but many other creatures were seen also. Norscan Great Trolls were seen fighting alongside the fae (if “fighting” can be used to describe the wholesale butchery of the innocent), as were many creatures of unknown type.
Some of the survivors described seeing a beautiful woman who seemed to be issuing commands, and whose touch meant death to the Albion troops.
It seems that the fae took the Hereford militia completely by surprise, storming the town in a matter of minutes. Concentrating upon the Albion soldiers first, once the town was under their control they then scoured it for any others that they could find. It was apparent, when I arrived, that the soldiers had been the lucky ones, the fae seemed to have a penchant for bleeding their prisoners to death.
The worst atrocity was saved for the town hall, the Mayor had been nailed above the doors, with wounds upon the soles of his feet, wounds that he had been left to die from. I can only imagine how excruciatingly painful this must have been. Inside the hall the poor unfortunates had been nailed to the walls, as one might hang pictures in a gallery. It seems that the fae had saved the town’s children for their art. Once they had finished their butchery they torched the town, razing it to the ground, leaving only the town hall standing.
I am sorry to have had to describe to you these scenes, but we must know the depravity that drives our enemies, that our resolve against them will strengthen. We must focus our hatred and make of it a weapon to strike to the heart of these vile beings. This must never be allowed to happen again.
Albion Forever
Quarim Almalik