Moot II, 1095 AF

Moot II, 1095 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
Arrived at the Dragons’ Moot as directed by Lady Karlennon. Sir Huw was surprised to see so many good friends who told me of various of the occurrences of the previous days.

Lachlan woos Ailish

Baron Lachlan of the Dragons paid court to Lady Ailish and the flowers were impressive. Some of these flowers collected the by Kender was behind a line of Unliving. This greatly amused the spectators.

Anree Defects from Lions

The Lions have fragmented once again. Duke Anree has joined the Harts. He must show humility to Lady Karlennon and the other Harts. The sobriety of Duke Anree is so important as he takes and gives offence at the drop of the hat when he drinks. Drinking to access when one is in such an eminent position is unforgivable. Jaddvor Erland informed me that Lady Roxanne would take over the command of the faction from Corvus. He would become Viceroy. He showed great pleasure in informing me of Duke Anree’s defection to the Harts. He said, “I would rather have him as an enemy than a friend. At least I know which way his sword is pointing.” Later in the day Lady Roxanne remarked, “I am glad to have rid ourselves at last of Duke Anree. He has caused so much trouble for us. I wish you well with him.” His name has been successfully blackened and time is required to sort out fact from fiction. Many groups it seems have left his service.

Lions in Disarray

Travelled to the Lions Moot and was greeted by Duke Edmund D’Addernoir, the High Incantor of the Lions, who informed me that he will be staying with Lions. He recounted a story of internal friction and breaks up of the Anree Slayers. He also articulated the lamentable state of organisation of the Incantors. The Lions’ Muster was could not be called this in reality as they numbered barely ten excluding the Steppe Alliance. The Court of Corvus can no longer be described as such. Baron Gunter von Zeppelin of the Steppe Alliance informed me that Tamerlaine Khan was not taking sides but would stay with the Lions at present. They were still happy with the Vale of Avalon it seems. Soon afterwards they joined the Wolves.

Lady Karlennon arrives

Returned at about 11 o’clock to arrange the escort for Lady Karlennon to the Dragons Camp. Lady Ailish warmly greeted her and recounted the diplomacy so far. Over an hour later Sir Jasper and Sir Jonathan finally arrived. Lady Karlennon before dismissing me asked me to arrange an audience with Lord Fig and Lady Katrina. These were alas still indisposed by the previous days revelling. She then gave me leave to pursue my various other businesses. Lady Karlennon and her impressive entourage moved off to visit the various factions.

Lysandra and Zircon accused
At about 1 o’clock whilst walking towards the Inn, Malik and Luetharn asked me to see if I could extract an apology from Kusack of the Lions for Baroness Zircon and Lady Lysandra’s. They had been carousing in the camp of the Wolves, roaming from one camp fire to another enjoying their generous hospitality. Kusack advanced on them and put Orias, one of the Swords of Waylund to Baroness Zircon’s throat and sentenced them summarily to death. Only the intervention of Baron Tarn and Malik saved her life. Lady Lysandra still had the presence of mind to escape into the woods.
Corvus, Kusack and Lady Roxanne seated just outside the Inn greeted me reasonably cordially. The subject was approached with due care. Corvus and Lady Roxanne instructed Kusack to say that it was an unfortunate mistake as there had been so much talk of assassins being around. I remember Corvus saying, “I could not think that Zircon is an Assassin…”
A little later I was able to talk to Kusack alone while Corvus and Lady Roxanne conversed with the Listener of the Tarantulas. He said, “I was in Wolves camp when I observed two figures in the back of Lord Wolf’s tent. I challenged them as I assumed they were assassins. I discovered one to be Baroness Zircon but the other had ran off. I sentenced her to death but a few Hunters came and rescued her.” I said to him, “I know Zircon, she is no assassin. This is not her…” We then discussed the wording that he would use in his ‘explanation’. “Last night was an unfortunate misunderstanding,” This was about as far as he would venture even with prompting. Kusack being humbled by the two Ladies was such a dent to this proud tactless warrior who needs more schooling in the Knightly arts. I commented to him, “This is not the Kusack I know.” He smiled and agreed, “I know but I am under orders.” Throughout this conversation he was carrying Orias and as already stated by Lord General Corvus in the Lions Council of 1095 AF, the Swords of Waylund are swords of truth. Kusack’s slanderous statement makes him not fit to wield it.
A couple of days later Baroness Zircon informed me that Kusack had given her explanation when he found them upon the Skirmish Area as he had been instructed. She eventually extracted an apology.
Corvus accuses Unicorns of cowardice

As we neared the Ritual Circle, Lady Roxanne and Lord Corvus talked to me on other matters. They ascribed the loss of the battle of 1094 AF to the cowardice of the Unicorns and particularly Cynewulf. We agreed that his army was outnumbered but not as much as two to one. His plan was to try to beat us in detail by getting to the high ground before we could be enveloped round his left flank. The regretful change made by Lord Wolf in our battle plan caused there to be NO enveloping to be attempted of Corvus’ left. According to Corvus’ this was due to his deliberate leaking of his ‘plan’. This objective had been given to the Harts and would have been in his words ‘decisive.’ He also believed that he was able to withdraw the Lions off the battlefield in good order. This does not tally with observations of any other observer. Bid them farewell when we approached the Ritual Circle as I knew from bitter experience that Unliving appears whenever the circle was activated.

Wolves attacked

At about 2 o’clock the Wolves were attacked by many Unliving and all the factions sent assistance. I accompanied the Harts contingent that was lamentably short of fighters. The co-operation between the factions in combating the Undead was even worse than at our moot. Many of the lessons that dearly learnt were ignored. There was no control over the rabble exerted by the faction leaders. Lord Wolf and his Wolves were very disappointing. Only the Steppe Alliance showed some form of where-with-all. The few Hunters and Karlennons were efficient in keeping Lady Karlennon and Lady Katrina of the Dragons alive being the latter had no Guards. Corvus and Lady Roxanne walked around without escort and only due to duty was not cut down by their many enemies. The two bearers of the Lions’ Swords of Waylund walked around aimlessly. With the danger averted the camp broke up and friends parted.