Lord Admiral of the Fleet

In his typical style, Lord Admiral of the Fleet, Jasper Orlaine, has pulled together a mighty flotilla. The collection of ships has been assembled for use in transporting dignitaries from mainland Albion to the Isle of Sarnia, for the Court’s Yuletide celebrations.
Sources close to the Royal Albione Navy reveal that the Lord Admiral’s flotilla allows for “one ship per dignitary, with aperitifs and an amouse bouche served on embarkation.”
The Queen’s Herald has been unable to fathom an exact figure for the cost of this endeavour, but an anonymous pay-clerk in the Royal Albione Navy claimed the cost to be “absolutely bloody ludicrous!”
The Herald investigated rumours of gilded likenesses of the Lord Admiral being attached to the prow of each ship, but this turned out to be a falsehood. There was indeed only one gilded likeness, attached to his own ship.