Letters from an Olog Lich

Following his release from whence he was bound in Roskear, an olog lich addressed a number of Harts by letter. Here are the missives on record.

Foxxglove Lanata, self proclaimed hero of Roskear,

your exploits amongst the party who stood at Roskear do great credit to you, as a bard if not as a person of action. I hear of a giant man of stone destroyed with a flick of your wrist, of the hordes of the unliving cowering from your gaze and of fell beasts calmed by your voice. I appreciate there may be a kernel of truth to some of this, and your new status will give you great power amongst those of lesser blood in this land.

I expect you to use your gifts of persuasion and as a storyteller to ensure the people that know this land as Albion remain out of my way while I deal with the Salmon tribe. I shall remove the descendants of those who chained me to a cell from this plane and send them screaming into the domain of my master, Everron. I expect you to use your gifts to restrain those whose passions would otherwise lead them into futile assault and death. If you cannot take your order and those bound to you in hand, I shall be forced to deal not only with the dogs, but with their master.

If you wish to discuss this further, I shall be found at the circle of Crowtas for one hour from midnight this day.

Magister Drustan of Roskear.

I have noted your leadership of the people that call this land Albion in the worship and service of their Ancestors. This is a noble task, to lead the younger from the base ground to enable we of the elder races to use them as docile and willing slaves. I pity your existence as one who necessarily must have lengthy personal contact with the weak and stupid, especially given their clutching on to ancestors so thoroughly weakened by the power of the Empire. I therefore give you this notice.

The Salmon tribe did me a great wrong, striking me down and binding me into a cell with the blood of their warriors. For this wrong, it is Everron’s will and command that I strike back, taking not an eye for an eye, but fullest retribution for the wrongs visited upon me. It is therefore my duty to destroy the Salmon tribe, root and branch.

There is no danger to you or your flock if you keep them out of my way. It cannot serve your Ancestors to have the multitudes die upon the spears of my forces, which is what will happen should they impede my righteous vengeance.

If you wish to understand further, I shall be available for one hour from midnight of this day at the circle of Crowtas.

Magister Drustan of Roskear