Letter from Thomas D’Arby to Princess Eleanor Pendragon

Lady Eleanor,

So many years have passed since the loss of your brother, yet Albion still grieves.

We chosen few, who remain at Court, would ask you once more – take up the Quest, and let the Kingsword point the way.

Your sons are our only hope for a stable and prosperous Albion.

Albion’s heart beats with Pendragon blood, and we fear for the future should that cease to be the case.

We did as bidden, and there is no suspicion – with Chancellor Ravern’s passing, there remain now only three of us who know your location, and the reason for the ancient house of the North retiring from court. You and yours shall remain safe until the end of days, should you so wish it.

But for the sake of the realm, for the sake of your people, and your land – for the sake of the very spirit of Albion itself – please, we beg of you – return to us, and fulfill the Quest.

Albion belongs to the Pendragon. Your great forebear, Arthur, brought the realm together, gave us law and justice and order. Without your family guiding us, we fear for our future.

Albion needs you, my lady. Albion needs your sons. You need only say and we can put a thousand swords to field under your banner, and begin a glorious march to Winchester, and begin your Quest.

I will await your word.

Yours, in faith and service,

Thomas d’Arby