Kate of the Greenwood

Cerridwen of the Lios Alfar

In the depths of the greenwood in Albion’s land
Where the fallow deer runs and the tawny owl flies
There’s a woman in silks dwells amidst the green trees
With the secrets of ages held deep in her eyes
Where the water runs clear and the salmon leap high
And the brindled wolf runs with his mate
“The woods belong to the woods,” she said
“And Kate belongs to Kate.”

She knows all the secrets of birds and of beasts
Where the wood pigeons nest and the leverets play
“You’ve got to be sure who you are,” she said
“Or else you’ll end up as some other thing’s prey.”
It’s little she knows of the wide world outside
And living alone is her fate
For the woods belong to the woods, she knows
And Kate belongs to Kate.

They say long ago in the midst of the wood
A city was built once of metal and stone
With turrets that towered up into the skies
That the animals lived there no longer alone
What is it remains of that proud city now
And what can be left of the great?
For the woods belong to the woods again
And Kate belongs to Kate.