Justice Prevails?

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Are the people of Albion being kept safe from
the lawless elements of society? This is the
question that many concerned citizens have
been asking, and as the voice of the moral
heart of the country this paper feels that their
worries should be heard. For too long has the
situation gone unaddressed, and it is time to
take a stand against such failings.
It is well known that our noble High Sheriff,
whose abilities are unbelievable, has striven
tirelessly to do her best for the good of all. Her
numberless deputies, details of whom are not
listed in public records, are highly-trained
agents, unseen as they are in the pursuit of
their duties. Citizens need not fear that they
cannot locate such men and women readily, for
they are surely proactive in stopping crimes
before they even occur.

The High Sheriff herself has been a true beacon
of reason, taking a personal stand against not
only things which are against the law, but also
ones where she has determined the law should
take a stand. Her commanding voice has been
heard on occasions having spirited discussions
with honest local businessmen, drawing their
attention to the fact that their entirely legal
and reputable enterprise should, in her
estimation, not be something found on Albion
soil. We are certain that the High Sheriff
approached these conclusions with mature and
dispassionate reflection, as it would of course
be unseemly for a servant of the court to let
their emotions interfere with the performance
of their duties. But the sheriff is unique and
incomparable, so citizens with nothing to hide
will of course have nothing to fear. None could
question her commitment or loyalty, and it was
only on one occasion when asked to lead the
cheer in the muster of the war host that she
forgot the words entirely. A momentary lapse,

and it is naturally not the case that we should
hold those titled among us to any higher
standard than a common citizen.

This paper feels that we should look to the
examples set by great names for guidance in this
time. Queen Eloise (Ancestors preserve her) was
always a shining star of goodness and right,
prepared to listen to all, and to deal fairly with
all those before her. She led by example, never
enforcing her will or views on those around her,
always building bridges to link the islands of our
hearts. She was very much the People's Queen,
and citizens felt safe when they knew she was in
control. Another notable figure is Darwin,
Commander and esteemed leader of the Militia's
guild. He can be brusque, brash, and forthright,
but has always sworn to uphold the law. All
know his name, and can look to him in times of
trouble. Many citizens of Albion know that they
can make a difference by joining the Militia, can
the same be said for becoming a deputy?

We call on our great leaders to address this
apparent under-staffing and underfunding of our
boys and girls in brown. They should be selected
and led by the best, as Albion deserves, and the
people should feel that they can approach
officers of the law without concern that they will
be berated for their own lapses. The High Sheriff
has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with
the discipline and quantity of the gate guards,
and we are assured that while she has not yet
acted to address this, that is simply because
there is so much else to be done. This current
crisis is reaching breaking point, and must be
fixed if we are to avoid a descent into anarchy.
Justice must prevail!