Juicy Little Nuggets

The Tease and all Albion citizens wait with
baited breath to see if under the new regime,
the freedom of speech which our fine nation
has enjoyed will continue- Forces high in the
legal bureaucracy of Albion have already tried
to strangle the free speech of her press by way
of intimidation and harassment. Is this the
future under Brother Ross, or will he follow
Eloise’s path of allowing freedom of the press?


Rumours continue to abound of Darwin’s
burgeoning relationship with Pidge the pigeon
kin. Letters passed to The Tease earlier this year
reveal either the guildmaster’s burning passion
for all things feathered, or failing that, Darwin’s
willingness to allow himself to be
misrepresented and impersonated by his own
men. The question is, is he a besotted fool or
just a man with no control over his underlings?
Is either the best thing for the commander of
the Militia to be?

It would seem that in Albione fashion frock
coats, tricorn hats, sashes and a developed
swagger are all very much in vogue- veritable
fleets of interlocking tricorns are visible at every
passing muster. Given that this look was
popularised in recent history by his Lordship the
Baron Of Warwick, the Tease has to ask- could
this be the next step for Albion’s greatest
entrepreneur? Has our Proprietor become
the nation’s greatest trendsetter, or has his own
ego merely lead him to believe he has?