Isaac Hulce: Hero or Villian?

By the Editor

So passes a great legend of Albion. Isaac Hulce,
whatever your views on the manner of his
passing, has been one of the greatest steadying
hands upon our turbulent nation in the years
since the Inundation. With a mixture of charm,
kindness and an iron fist when necessary, there
are many who would claim that he was by far
the greatest positive force in our government, in
particular since the tragic loss of our beloved
Queen in 1116,
His willingness to admit the charges laid against
him speaks for his character- and indeed, there
are many who would understand exactly why he
did what he did, and support him for it. Our
kingdom is sundered by more than war and
flood, and for the tree of a nation to flower and
bear the proper fruit, pruning is often required.
Indeed, as was revealed during the trial, he is far
from the only member of court to work towards
the deaths of Albion citizens and for many, with
the best of reasons.
On a personal note, Isaac was always a friend to
our newspaper and its staff, and we wish him
happiness with his ancestor. And should he
somehow return to settle his outstanding (in
several senses) bar bill, there will be a bottle of
his special reserve ready.