Interview – Master of the Glen

Lord Wildfire, Lord Arcane of Albion, Master of the Glen, Counsel to Queen Eloise Hunter, Servant of the Pendragon Throne

Who are you?

Err, hi, I is Wildfire, you is wanting to talk to me remember?

Yes, this is the interview. Next question, what do you want?

Less paperwork and a drink would be good start.

Erm, I mean in general.

Oh, is easy, fundamental understanding of the elemental substructure of all patterns, is simple to say but is not being so simple to learn.

Ok, who…

AND for all Albion to be safe and prosperous for longer than it takes me to turn around.

Right, who is your hero?

I is assuming you means big shiny paragon of things and nots person who gets others dead? Cos then I thinks I would be in trouble upstairs if I is not saying Hunter as learning from his motto “get shi-”, erm “by any means necessary” has got me to meet and working with many shiny people. So, kids can read this right?

If they can read then yes, let’s move on. What’s your biggest flaw?

Hmm, kid friendly, kid friendly, oh, I has been told I can talk too much and that it can be giving the wrong impression. Does you think that is true? I was talking to group of people in Persia just last week that peoples is never saying hello enough. See someone, or something, walks towards gate or camp and there is always shouting “Harts! To arms!” and I is always asking “has anyone said hello yet? Maybe is friendly”. They is sometimes friendly but even if they is not then we has bought time for peoples to be getting ready. What do you think?

Well I’m here to record what you..

See I is not saying try shake hands with Balrog cos that is silly and some people, even some ancestors, deserve a good kicking but there is issue of manners and standards.

Yes, quite, if invited to a banquet which five people would you invite to your table and why?

Ah, simple logic puzzle, I woulds invite five transporters then while I is having nice, quiet meal they is fetching all my friends for banquet after party. Don’t looks at me like I has told a bad joke, I is knowing that I is cheating with question but recently I is not getting to see my Harts friends as much, especially without danger, nevermind peoples in other nations. You is thinking I could only pick five when you gave me way round it? Like I said, by any means necessary.

If someone could create a magical item for you what would it be?

Editor’s note: at this point Wildfire just stared, smiled, crossed his arms and waited for the next question.

What is best in life?

Good friends, good company, the Trinity smiling down, the throne rightfully occupied, the people happy and Calligar, the Mistress and the Daemonic Masters properly kicked. In other words Albion, and Erdreja, as should be. Also good in life is occasional pleasant distractions as this has been but I has much work if we is done?

Of course, finally, tea or cake?

Oh, erm, cake please and while you is getting that have them send me the reports on the fluctuations in background thaumic readings, I is not believing they has spread so much.