House Charenten

Based: Barony of Chelmsford
(in the County of Warwick and the Duchy
of York)
Heraldry: A golden lion and bars
on a red field.
Leader: Lawrence Charenten

The Charenten name is a longstanding noble line
of Albion predating the founding of the modern
feudal history and standing alongside Hunter,
Karlennon, Corvidae, Falcon and Hulce
as foundation to the realm we now know. Illustrious
members of the line include: the late lamented
Queen Elspeth and far-famed Lord Marshall of Albion
Hugo Charenten, whom together stood against the
evil of Corvus and the Demonologist Roxanne during
the civil war that saw the Harts of Albion rise
and the Lions faction exiled to the otherworld.

After the self imposed exile of Hugo due to contact with Imperial conditioning House Charenten remained powerful under the leadership of Julian Charenten. Some might argue too powerful as all members of the house involved with Albione politics were executed for treason in 1107.

At the Great Edrejan Fayre of 1108 Laurence & Edgar Charenten introduced themselves to the Harts after their return from 7 years touring the Southlands. They were sent away by Ranulf Farendon, a former steward of the House, to experience the different cultures of Edreja as they were considered inexperienced in the way of the world and an unnecessary burden on the Charenten purse. Upon their return they were shocked to find that they were the only members of the household active in the Harts. They swore fealty to King Edward and the Pendragon throne to assure the assembled Harts that they followed the line of Hugo Charenten and were loyal to the crown.