Green Baize Heroes

It is well known that Albion can boast brave heroes and warriors to which no other land can compare. But let it not be forgotten that as well as in green battlefields, we can also vanquish all comers upon the green baize of the gaming tables!

At the Spring Moot recently, the intrepid part-orc and business associate of the Baron of Warwick, Quex, firstly saw off all comers to win a valuable prize in the moot’s first poker tourney.

“They made me see red,” she said. “So I made them see green. Hur hur. Do you get it? Because urukhs are green. So it’s funny.”

Scarcely had this news (and this joke) sunk in when Marcel of the Crew brought news that he too had triumphed, in the moot’s second tournament.

Another man to fear is Wyck (for it is he) Carden, of York, well known throughout Erdreja as one of the toughest nuts to crack in the casino (and not only because his good lady wife runs the place).

And Depravo Morgan, also a multiple tourney winner in the past, has been seen practicing with a deck of cards and a cunning expression in a quiet corner. Few indeed are those who can figure out what bluffs are being planned behind those beady rat eyes.

Yes, Albion’s card sharps are indeed a force to fear. Other poker-playing nations are invited to come and have a go should they think themselves hard enough.