Great Erdrejan Fayre 1107


People of the Heartlands and Southlands,
A new world is upon us. Gone are the Embodiments, vying for the support of our peoples and setting us at each other’s throats. Gone is the constant threat of the Cataclysm, as our world slowly tore itself apart. Gone are the Void Rifts, spilling anarchy and death onto our plane and leaving despair in their wakes.
But we are still here, and we are still alive.
In this new world with which we are left, it is important for all the Factions to come together and celebrate the new chances and challenges facing us. Accordingly, the Guilds of Erdreja invite you all to the Great Erdrejan Faire; a chance to meet, discuss and compete with people of all the Factions.
This is not the Heartland Games, nor even the Imperial Games. This is not a chance for powerful entities to set people against each other for their own amusement. This is a celebration of life, being run by those who share a stake in the future of our world. We will be running a host of competitions for your entertainment. We especially hope that you will all bring your support, whether moral or physical, to the Grand Jugger Tournament, where teams from each Faction and Guild will compete for the grand prize.
We invite you all to come meet us at the end of the 5th month on the newly resurfaced lands at Merinhault, where we will celebrate the dawn of a new age.
Invitation to the first ever Great Erdrejan Fayre from Cosaint of the Bards Guild, Spring 1107

Albion Crashes Out Of Cup

The Albion jugger team crashed out of the Edrejan World Jugger Cup at the second round stage, the sting of defeat only lessened by the fact that it meant players and supporters could retreat from the bitterly cold and unrelenting rain, at this years Grand Edrejan Fayre.
In the dry of a Saturday afternoon, Albions people turned out in force to cheer on their team against the bards guild, hosts for the weekends activities. And, like good hosts, the Bards allowed Albion’s men and women to run riot for the first third, being able to find nothing to counter the pace of the quicks or the skill of the spears. With a passion fired by a raucous crowd which possibly undermined the reputation of the Harts for continual generosity of spirit in the sporting field, goal after goal was scored with little reply, the Bards at one point abandoning all though of attack to attempt to stem the flow with the famous, if derided “hedgehog” formation around their bucket. On the final whistle the Harts were rewarded with dancing from the cheerleaders and singing from the fans.
The second round was played in a colder, wetter surround, and the initial lack of passion shown by the players both quietened the fans and allowed the Tarantulas to race into an early, unassailable lead. In a niggly, unfriendly match, both players and fans came back into voice and with goals – at one point closing from twelve down to within five of the eventual runners-up. However, despite the defeat fans and cheerleaders kept singing to the very end.
The Tarantulas went on to reach the final against the scouts guild, where they were defeated in a close match 14-12, with generally acclaimed man of the tournament Finsbury Park the difference between two closely matched teams.
Sports Report, The Londinium Evening Post, Summer 1107