Fighting Demonic Dust In The Grove

By Seraphin Birch, Master Incantor

As many of you will be aware our grove at Forest Glen, has become tainted with demonic dust. This dust settles upon all that is green and verdant and as it builds up, so the leaves underneath can no longer absorb the light that they need in order to thrive.

Whilst we do not know much about the demon responsible, we do know that the amount of dust that settles in the grove is very much dependent on the light and strength of our faith in our ancestors.

Through shows of faith and the honour of our ancestors, we empower them, and the amount of dust is kept under control. This makes it more important than ever, that we are strong in our faith, and in return the ancestors seem to help keep the demonic dust down.

The grove is a very special place, and one where the ancestors listen more keenly to us. During the first Moot I was lucky enough to be present when the Tree of Incantion shared some words of wisdom, encouraging us to show our faith and to visit the grove often.

With the consent of Heinrich, Keeper of the Grove, I will be leading a visit to the grove each time we meet. During this time those of faith are welcomed to join us in silent reflection, prayer or to simply help tend the grove and keep this sacred place healthy and un-tainted.

Should you prefer not to visit the grove, or are fully occupied with the games, please remember that small, frequent acts of faith keep our ancestors strong. An act as simple as crying the name of your ancestor in battle, is a simple yet effective act of faith that you may wish to consider.