Faith Corner

The Nethras Situation by Ma Crow & Maru

At the Summer Moot, Nethras, tainted by Satu’un and unliving, appeared as Dame Melyor. Surrounded by unliving she had made the decision to keep her children by her side rather than allowing them to pass on through the natural cycle of life. Nethras followers received messages from her, and she also tried to reach out to Queen Eloise. However, with the aid of The Silver Lady the Queen was unharmed. The Silver Lady also passed on advice to Nethras followers via DarkCloud. Information began to be gathered to try to understand the situation and background as much as possible.

At Summer Moot, Nethras followers again received messages stating “she was not evil, that it was time for a change in the way things were done and that we should follow her”. These words were accompanied by an intense feeling of peace and love by all who heard them and many of them were left shakenwhen the voice subsided.

After much discussion and with the aide of Lazarus Hunter, a ‘Speak with Ancestor’ was conducted in which Nethras was asked to follow the natural cycle of things, allow the wheel to turn and for eachaspect of her to move on.The response received outlined certain actions to be undertaken before the end of the year, including the re-building of the circle at Silverlake. The Trinity holds fast at the moment but is obviously weakening from the inside.

Earlier in 1114, Gawain,an avatar of the Hunter, had appeared and advised all followers of faith that the Ancestors were only kept as strong as those following them; the more their name was heard, the stronger they would become. I fear there may be difficult times ahead over the coming weeks but would ask all those who follow the Nethras truly in their hearts to hold firm in their beliefs and to speak her name with love for the person she was, the person who drew us to her and not as the tainted aspect that resides within her now.

We are doing all we can to address this issue safely for all peoples, taking into consideration the protection and safety of the Queen and by extension Albion. We would ask if any Nethras, Igraine, Silver Lady or Trinity followers have not already made themselves known to Ma Crow or Maru, please could they do so urgently at The Gathering.