Faction Moot II, 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
Friday 7th June 1096 AF
I arrived a couple of hours before dark and pitched my tent just before thunder and lightning rumbled around the valley. The usual Norscan weather started very quickly afterwards. According to others, the whole of the known world was beset by the same downpour. Certainly Albion, Caledonia and Erin as well. Strangely the Underdark was also affected though that may just have been heavy condensation.
LADY AKIJAH NA’SHAARLady Akijah Na’Shaar was talking to an elder from another Ice Elf tribe, Vilya Ar’elena, from the frozen lands far to the North. We talked at length upon the events of the Harts Moot. Her comments about Lady Karlennon’s proclamation and actions disturbed me. Lady Karlennon had by all accounts unfairly treated my ‘dear friend’ Count Annias. I had wondered why there was strange smoke emanating from Shrewsbury when I left Albion. She had also incomprehensibly decreed that no Lion could be harmed despite their provocation and ignoring the very strident views of all the other Harts present. Lady Akijah Na’Shaar was very tired and even more reserved with me than she had been before. The elders were concerned over reports of some of her interactions especially with Drow. The rain was very heavy indeed and many a tent was awash.

Saturday 8th June 1096 AF
The early morning was bright without a cloud in the sky. At least we are able to dry out as my tent was awash with water. The hour was early and I travelled to the nearby camp of the Wolves.
DRAGONS WARCHEST STOLENLord Arcane was very upset in losing his Warchest the previous night after his careful attempt to fill it through all fair means and fowl. The lock was picked, Warchest emptied and the lock closed when the command tent was filled with a party hosted by Lord Arcane. He only discovered the theft in the morning when he required some of his gold.

CORVUS’ PACT WITH SATUUNJaddvor Erland, the newest Lord General of the Lions, called all that would listen into a circle. The Lord Generals from most of the factions were present. He strode around and with the cares of the world and yelled for his faithful Mage who was administering to the Alchemist, “Steel come hear you fool!!! DO YOU HEAR!!!! If you don’t come here soon I will have you dragged here.” After a few moments the sheepish Steel appeared and gave his apologies.
Jaddvor Erland said, “On the Quest of brave Lions to Camelot to find information pertaining to the line of the Pendragon instead a Document was found.” He waved the parchment above his head. “The document stated ‘This day Corvus Corvidae and Roxanne pledge fealty to Golgamoth to subdue Albion and its living to the will of Lord Sat’un.’ It was signed in their blood and have been verified by Floris Brand and the Mages Guild”
The interruptions from Stupid McTwatem had become unbearable so his kinsmen in the Bears rent him unconscious. At this point Jaddvor Erland stood on the unconscious Stupid’s hand and soon it became obvious that he was given the pox. After much cheering from the Bears over Stupid’s ‘heroism’ Jaddvor continued, “I propose to try Lord General Corvus for treason and cowardice.” The other Lord Generals present supported the notion of the trial and proposed other charges of murder, fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement and such like. There was much discussion about the motives of Jaddvor presenting this document at this time.
Baron Malik of Bollington and Connall later visited the Lions camp to read the document for themselves. They could see no hint of forgery. According to Lady Attila the Nun the joint powers of the Incantors and Mages Guilds will be used to perform a Ritual to discover the Date when this was signed by Corvus and Roxanne.

LYSANDRA?A lady who looked like Lady Lysandra advance upon me and scolded me in a soft Erin accent that reminded me so much of Lady Ailish O’Donovan.
On behalf of Lord Calin, Banatar of the Harts, Sir Huw thanked Lord Arcane and those nobles present for the assistance in arms they gave willingly against Katrina. While I was there, the vampire hunters in the Dragons approached me to validate the mirror that enthralls Vampires for the Dragons.

THE MICHAELINESThis Order of Knights landed in Bristol two decades after leaving for the Holy Land to find Albion rent asunder. They are sworn to fight against the Unliving and say they were little concerned with politics. Through the hospitality of Jaddvor they are currently part of the Lions.

CAPTAIN MORGANCaptain Morgan is a colourful character. His tales of the strange Eastern lands were amazing. His hospitality is renowned. After much questing, he has found the sword of his ancestors that can cleave anything that he strikes in two. We also talked at length over the hereditary hatred between the Mongols and the Beastmen. This was brought to the boil at the Harts Moot by the Mongols taking up Lady Karlennon’s old invitation to come and reside in Albion.

JADDVOR TAKES FOUR CROSSBOW BOLTS IN THE BACKFour crossbow bolts into the back of Lord General Jaddvor Erland of the Lions felled him. At the same time Lady Karlennon yelled in pain yet she had not been attacked. As soon as Jaddvor was healed, Lady Karlennon recovered but was very shaken. It was later explained that by some strange twist of fate intertwined with the Pendragon and the Swords of Waylund any harm to one would be visited upon the other.
Sir Hugo Charenten and Alexander McShinobi chased the assassin who was dealt with a few sharp blows of their swords. The assassin bleeding heavily just made it into the Transport Ritual Circle when the quick-witted Sir Hugo called upon his ancestors to strike the man down with confusion. Within seconds Alexander subdued him.
His unconscious body was then brought before Lord General Jaddvor, Lady Karlennon and Lord General Thorvald. Being the host as the assault had occurred on Wolf lands, Lord Thorvald decreed that the man be slain. Jaddvor asked that the sentence be commuted to maiming. So Lord Thorvald relented. Meanwhile, the man had confessed to being a freelancer and so was handed over to Sir Fairfax of the Stewards Guild after the removal of his hands. These were given to Jaddvor as a trophy for his gate and displayed next to the skin of a Drow assassin from the Convocation of the Guilds. Alas the assassin died before he was able to be questioned.

JELLY EATING CONTESTThe grand Jelly eating competition between the Bears and the Wolves was won by Mangus Manguson of the Bears. A number remarked that it was strange that with two large multicoloured jellies around neither Teespoon nor Battenburg were in attendance. The looser was liberally covered in cream by the Celtic Queen. This was the first time that the Wolves and the Bears have talked to each other without crossing swords. Things must be improving.

DRAGONS AT THE MOOTSThe Royal Court of Erin were their usual hospitable selves. They drank, womanised, drank, finished several fights, and drank to unconsciousness. Baron Lachlan continued his wooing of Lady Ailish of the Harts and obtained the Spear of the Morrigan. Indra married Lord Marit Stormcrow, the Lord Chancellor of the Dragons. This resulted in much celebrating and of course drinking. Most of guests catching the red spot disease thanks to Olaf the Kender.
The Rest of the Dragons under Lord Magician Arcane of Cymrija and Governor Ash of Erin faced down several hordes of Unliving. Duke Caradog was again confirmed as the Dragons Champion despite the very close fighting in the semi finals and final. The Competition was held for appointment as the next Head Ritualist of the Dragons.

CELT CHASED BY OBLIVIONA elven bowman shot an arrow that struck Oblivion who became at rather agitated but could do nothing against the Harts as those with Swords of Waylund stood in his way so he walked away. A Celt in plaid named Alexander walked towards us and I shouted a warning that he ignored as he considered Oblivion harmless. Almost too late, Alexander realised his mistake and took to a clean pair of heels as Oblivion gave chase. Only with the support of Taliesin with Morax that Oblivion decided to give up his quarry. With such a broad grim, Alexander carried on his walk with little concern.

LIONS ATTACKED BY UNLIVINGLate in the evening, I accompanied Lady Karlennon from Norsca to Albion to talk to Jaddvor Erland and his ever diminishing Lions. Sergeant Halrin de Roos of the Knights of the Dark Sun excelled himself in foolhardiness as he was only in leather armour and was healed many times by Tel Falcon and me. I was close in attendance of all the Harts that fought so hard against Katrina’s playthings. Those that carried the Swords of Waylund traded blows with the Chaos Knights neither of them causing any damage to each other.
At one point, Lord Satûn caused all but Lady Karlennon, Sir Hugo Charenten and Jaddvor Erland to flea in fear. To stop Lady Karlennon from following her bodyguard, he glued their feet to the floor. It speaks well of these knights that they faced this terrible apparition with such fortitude.
Lady Ailish O’Donovan ran to the aid of the subdued Baron Lachlan at the feet of Katrina. A shape was bending over him. The incensed Lady Ailish faced them off despite realising that the one of them was Lord Satûn. Upon the orders of Lady Katrina, one of her pets attempted fell her. Through her fleetness of foot, she eluded her chaser around the fight until this gallant Lady ran out of places to hide. Soon Baroness Zircon and I were to her side. After a little attention from Zircon, her good spirits were revived after taking some of Sir Huw’s Special Reserve. Baron Lachlan and Lady Ailish were soon re-united. After an age Satûn and Katrina withdrew. The respite was very welcome.

DRAGONS ATTACKED BY UNLIVINGA little time later it became known that they were attacking the Bears. The Harts quickly assemble to follow the Unliving to Loch Lomond Caledonia by ritual circle to give aid to the Bears. On arriving there, no Unliving were present but we could see by some optical illusion them attacking the Cymrijans. A Portal had been opened between the two Celtic lands that was used to give support to the Dragons that had Katrina upon their lands.

MORAX GIVEN TO LIONSWhen Katrina left Cymrija, Lady Karlennon obviously near to swooning called to her Jaddvor Erland and asked Taliesin to hand to her Morax. She said to the astonishment of all present, “Jaddvor Erland, as a sign of personal friendship I give you Morax as I am compelled to as the Guardian. This is to express my gratitude for you assistance against Katrina.” This caused derision and dissension amongst the Harts as Jaddvor greedily clutched it to his chest this Sword of Waylund. General Tarn with fury threw Taliesin’s sword at him that he had carried and stormed off into the night.

ASTOR TAKEN BY SATUUNEarl Astor of the Fellowship, the one time unlucky suitor to Lady Karlennon, who married Freya was taken on his wedding night by Lord Satûn. This caused much distress to his new wife and much commotion in the Wolves camp while the Lords Generals talked upon serious matters around the camp fire. Lord General Jaddvor referring to HIS Harts and Lions armies was not well received by the Harts that had to listen to his proclamations. It was thought that Earl Astor was recovered later the night.

LUETHARN RESIGNS FROM THE HARTSIt was only after a heated discussion between Luetharn, Sir Hugo Charenten, Lady Karlennon and myself that the Lady Karlennon seemed to realise what they had allowed to happen. Morax was one of the most important symbols that the Harts had fought for ever since the unfortunate split caused by her Uncle Corvus. The Harts have carried the hearts and minds of most of the people with them yet the division of the lands have not favoured the Harts. The financial burden of the war against Katrina in Albion was born almost completely by the stretched resources of the Harts. As an expression of his disapproval Luetharn of the Karlennon Household resigned from the Harts. This grievously hurt Lady Karlennon.
From this discussion, it became apparent that Lady Karlennon was compelled as the Guardian of the Swords of Waylund to keep parity between the two halves of Albion. The Swords had manipulated Lady Karlennon’s natural feelings of personal gratitude for the support against Satûn. Her action was that of the Guardian of the Swords of Waylund and NOT that of the Speaker of the Harts. A distinction many in Albion may find difficult to understand.

JADDVOR RIDICULED BY LIONSLady Rhiannon of Deadwood accompanied by Baron Belrat of the Dragons walked into a very quiet Lions camp a couple of hours after midnight. They saw the few Lions there having a bread fight and Jaddvor Erland drowning his sorrows in his wine goblet. He was the only Lion present with alcohol. Baron Belrat asked Jaddvor, “I see that your camp is rather quiet, for a certain fee I will get for the Lion’s enjoyment a singer from the Entertainers Guild.” Jaddvor agreed and handed him a silver and a copper for his trouble. Baron Belrat with much ceremony introduced Lady Rhiannon.
Jaddvor was annoyed, “You have done me up like a Kipper, she is a Hart.” The good Lady sang the renowned song, ‘The Streets of Albion.’ It was not until the second verse that Jaddvor realised that the frivolity amongst the Lions was at his expense. Jaddvor was reduced to putting his head in his hands. Baron Belrat took from his hand the Goblet and filled with the last remnants of alcohol that the Lions possessed. He gave this to Lady Rhiannon who quaffed this in one after the song was sung. The other Lions wished to hear a repeat performance but could not raise another silver between them. This was subsequently sung to the Bears, the Wolves and the Dragons.

THE BEASTMEN CAMPFIREUntil the early hours of the morning I talked to the Beastmen who were still talking upon their victorious confrontation with the Mongols. The reaction of my Lord Calin to the Tribe healing up the Mongols much amused them.

Sunday 9th June 1096 AF
MEETING OF THE HARTSIn the morning, Lady Karlennon summoned as many Harts as she could. The consensus of the meeting was to declare war upon the Lions for their mal-administration of the Lands and people under their charge. Lady Karlennon, a healer at heart, had always striven for a bloodless resolution for as long as possible. She finally conceded that this was no longer possible due to the suffering Albion men at the hands of the Lions. Forced by the will of the Swords of Waylund she had given Morax to the Lions as yet another sign of reconciliation.
It was so eloquently stated by Lady Ailish O’Donovan that the Lions had not at any time stood by their promises but was far more reserved in her judgement of Jaddvor. Lady Kathen Fairchild, an interested observer, calmed the passions of the meeting by reminding us the dangers of all out war in Albion when a more hideous threat was upon our shores. Her comments were bound up in the old prophecies of great evil coming to this land and the mysterious arts of magic.
Again it was stated that the Pendragon is the embodiment of Law and should mere mortals strive to unite the divided land of Albion before the True King is anointed upon the Pendragon Throne of Albion. The timing of when Lady Karlennon as the Guardian of the Swords of Waylund calls Belith to her and performs the Ritual to bind the Swords of Waylund is critical. Many thought that we should sort the differences with the Lions before this occurs.
I stated, “The Harts had beaten the Lions every time upon the field of battle. Jaddvor Erland has not yet seen it fit to fight with his Lions against the Harts. Should this not give us the measure of man?” Lady Karlennon said, “You are wrong, Sir Huw. The battle in 1095 AF was none of our concern but for the support we owed to the Dragons.” I replied, “That is how it is seen by the rank and file. With two victories we have nothing to show as you have now given away all that we had won. How can we expect our people to fight if there is no cause? Did not they fight with great pride against the Unliving and win a great victory? Give us heart my Lady. Let us resolve this once and for all.”
Lady Karlennon asked of the Harts present, “It will be under the ritual of peace as laid down by the Gathering Charter. Upon the matter of what should be done with the vanquished?” Lady Ailish replied, “Put the Nobles to the sword as they would do to us.” I stated, “Let those who wish to die with honour do so in the battle rather than being butchered in cold blood. I do not consider those that have taken arms against us at the Gathering as innocent. They have had enough time to think upon supporting the True King. Those that do not take the field or join us should be spared.”
She finally relented with grace and compromised with the Harts by stating. “So we are agreed in this my Lords and Ladies that it shall be resolved at the Gathering. The winner of the Tourney takes the whole of Albion. Whether this is under the ritual of peace will be decided between the two sides.” Luetharn was sent to tell Lord Calin of the occurrences of the weekend and the decision of the meeting. During the meeting, General Tarn was silent. He felt that his words would do little good as he knew as I did the mood of the Army that wants to return Albion under one rule.

SIR HUW’S HAT RETURNEDA Beastmen returned my hat after remonstrating severely with the person who had taken it when I was enjoying their hospitality by their campfire.

JADDVOR ACCEPTS CHALLENGEIn the market square in front of all the Lord Generals, Lady Karlennon challenged Jaddvor Erland and the Lions to a Tornai that will settle the control of Albion, conclusively. The winner takes Albion. Jaddvor was struck dumb for some time before he started his great protestations to avoid taking up the challenge. Lady Karlennon stood firm and gave him no choice and stated the Harts would take the war to him by other means if he refused. The battle would be held under the Gathering Treaty at the meeting of the nations at the end of August. The document of intent between the two parties witnessed by Lord Generals of the other nations will be drawn up shortly. Open war was therefore avoided. This would have assisted in the destruction of the living world by something darker and more sinister than Satûn as foretold in the Omens.

UNICORNS THANKED FOR THEIR ASSISTANCE AGAINST KATRINAOn behalf of my Lord Calin, Banatar (War Leader) of the Harts, I thanked the Lady General of the Unicorns for their invaluable assistance in both arms and supplies during the fighting in the Southern part of Albion. This was graciously accepted.

HARTS NEGOTIATE THE WITHDRAW OF BEARS FROM ALBION SOILSir Hugo Charenten and General Tarn after much effort prudently arranged the withdrawal of the Bears laying siege to the Lions in Chesterfield with Lord Wraith Buchanan. The troublesome rabble that was in name only a Lions Army was defeated when it raided across the border and is now considered to be back under control of the Lions. Again the Harts have shown their willingness to defend Albion for Albion people. Jaddvor would have lost all of Yorkshire to the Bears and under the terms of the Challenge, the Harts when we win would probably have buy this back possibly with many lives or much money.

HARTS TO BE KILLED ON SIGHT BY LIONSLord General Jaddvor Erland decreed that any Harts found within Bristol or Cornwall will be summary killed on sight regardless of their rank. It is nice to see that he appreciates the assistance the Harts let alone other nations freely gave to the Lions in ridding his small part of Albion of the Unliving. His treatment of fellow men of Albion is already part of the record.

WOLVES ATTACKED BY KATRINAOn a number of occasions I dragged out of the fight under the constant attention of the Unliving, Sir Hugo Charenten and Captain Morgan despite having no armour. Next time I will remember to wear some. Lady Celyn, Duke Tarragon, Baroness Zircon, Sir Robert Boyd and Baron Malik were always seen to the fore while the other Harts protected Lady Karlennon. It amused many of the Harts guarding resolutely Lady Karlennon that I outdistanced my three pursuers upon one leg before I collapsed in safety upon the floor to administer to myself. The man in imposing Arabic costume that I had first encountered at the Convocation of the Guilds remarked to me, “Sir Huw, it is nice to see that you still have a sense of humour.” I replied in truth, “That is all I have.” This expressed my concern over the administration of the wounded.

LADY AKIJAH NA’SHAAR ATTACKEDSome villain with matched scimitars cut down from behind Lady Akijah Na’Shaar while lending support to the hard pressed Dragons. She was retrieving her arrows from the bodies of the Unliving. Her prowess with the bow was already proved to all when she shot a tankard from the head of someone at twenty-five paces. Her bodyguard Vilya Ar’elena caught up to the humanoid and cut him down without mercy. He died before he could give any details of who had paid him. This proud Ice Elf called to him a healer from the Dragons that administered quickly to his kinsman. When I met up with her a few minutes later she was still a little unsteady upon her feet and gratefully accepted water from me.

RIFT IS CLOSEDThe Flames of Abraham carved a deep hole in Katrina’s horde while they attempted to stop us closing the Rift. After much hard fighting, the Rift in Norsca was finally closed by the Wolves.

KATRINA’S SWORDDrax of the Knights Arcane with some previously unblooded warriors stole Lady Katrina’s sword from her hand. This sword was blessed in a ritual and caused actual harm to her on the Sunday. The Dragon’s have promised to come to the wedding of Katrina and Satûn. The taking of Lady Katrina’s sword by the Knights Arcane caused much concern as this had the ability to take over the soul of the wielder. It is thought to have been returned.

FRIENDS TALK OF MANY DEEDSI was finally am able to talk to my good friend Baron Lachlan. The last time I saw him was when he marched off under the command of Duke Pleb at the head of the Army that vanquished the Unliving in front of Exeter. He was his usual pleasant self and the conversation ranged upon the occurrences of the weekend and the hard fighting in the South of Albion.

TREATY NEGOTIATED WITH THE LORD OF THE EASTERN MARCHESFinally Lady Akijah Na’Shaar and I found the Lord of the Eastern Marches. It was so important to remedy the troubles that the Hunters and the Cymrijans have suffered for many years from criminals and rustlers crossing our borders to escape justice. The agreement was easily reached between the two parties and for the benefit of those outside parties that may misunderstand will be put into writing at or before the Gathering. The skill of Lady Akijah Na’Shaar was noted by all in bringing such a swift and agreeable conclusion.

CLOSING REMARKSI have great hope now for Albion but fear the coming of the unnamed evil. Again in times of danger nations have fought side by side and it is hoped that this will not be forgotten. The disputes between nations are petty in the great plan of things.