Daedric and his part in the creation of ‘The Tainted’

The Daemonologist Daedric and his part in the creation of ‘the Tainted’

I spent a good deal of time doing some research between the Heartlands and the Moots, including heading up to Norhault and making a nuisance of myself to the librarians. Apparently I ask too many questions, but I knew that already.

Anyways, I did manage to dredge up a large amount of information about a Daemonologist by the name of Daedric, who is associated with the group headed up the Elven Werewolf, Alderyork.

It’s believed that although Daedric is human, he’s been trapped in the York Ritual Circle for over 900 years. He and others of Alderyork’s group were released from the circle at the Parliament we had back in 1103.

I was unable to find out much about his early life, but it’s believed he originated from southern Albion. The first mention of him I found was of him being sentence to death by the Empire for practise of daemonology within the army. There were no notes as to how he learnt to do this, but apparently he summoned an air daemon which went off to help him escape. His commanding officer, one Nertomarus Frementum (isn’t this that Tom fellow who turned up in the past?), was rather angry at this,

The daemonic herald’s name was Thirlidrian, and apparently she and Daedric became good friends.. I did rather miss the subtle references in some of the books, but a librarian pointed out to me that it’s widely believed that the two of them became lovers.

Over the next few years many daemon attacks that occurred across Albion were attributed to Daedric, but nothing of great impact occurred until he joined forces with Alderyork. By this time he’d also summoned another companion. To compliment Thirlidrian’s magical powers he gained a bodyguard by the name of Telphar – a battle daemon who has the ability to summon imps of fire from his home plane.

Alderyork’s powers to control the minds of the people of York had given him a disposable army but they weren’t very strong – in short when he controlled them they had little thinking ability and couldn’t last very long in a battle. Whereas as more refined control allow the subject more independence it didn’t make good soldiers. It would appear that this was caused by the shear numbers of people he would control at any one time. Telphar’s daemons on the other hand were dangerous opponents but they did rather lack the subtly of the human troops.

Daedric started to place daemonic possession on these people held in reserve so that the daemon could take over the body in the time whilst the pattern was still present but after the host was mortally wounded. Although the daemon could be controlled whilst in the host it was a lot harder to detect, however at the point the host lost consciousness at which point the daemon took control it’s far easier to spot (obvious because when it happens as the hosts hands or weapons would burst into flames and it would madly attack anything living creature around it.). When the daemon is dismissed out of the host it ripped the host’s body apart.

Judging by my own research and what I’ve read, the power level of one of these daemons would be something within my own power to control both whilst bound or in control. In laymen’s terms about half a dozen low level daemonologists could control it whilst it was dormant, but it would only take one or two decent daemonologists to control the daemon whilst it was in control of the wounded body.

The ritual to achieve the possession was done by harnessing the power of the York circle, the place where the group’s power was greatest. Thirlidrian was the warden of the Circle and gave its power to her companions.

Later another member of Alderyork’s group, a Lich by the name of Castal, was also able to place a necromantic curse upon the body so that when the body was completely destroy (daemon and all) it would rise as a mindless zombie striking those about them. The Empire named these creatures ‘the Tainted’.

Based on my own knowledge creating these ‘Tainted’ without a ritual circle would be a very hard task. I suspect that Daedric and the others either have access to a circle that we don’t know about, or they are using one without our knowledge (Alderyork can posses the minds – perhaps having our Ritual Circle guards examined for any control would be a good plan) or they are using a place in Albion where the link between the material plane and the plane of fire is particularly weak – so perhaps Rockholme? Or any other place there has been volcanic activity… failing that I can always pursue another line of investigation to find out where – perhaps speaking with Lasha. (Edit – of course we aren’t able to do this now due to Lasha’s death, and I was unable to speak to him before his demise.)

If Daedric could get a willing subject to this weak point, he could use his powers to directly place the daemon inside the body as Telphar summoned it through to this plane. It’s possible that Thirlidrian may have the power to create such a weak point, as from what I have read about her she’s a very powerful daemon with powers over the Void.

I’m happy for this information to be distributed as people see fit, if people want to ask me any more questions, do just ask.

In the eyes of the Dragon,
I remain,
Georgiana Hulce