Copy of a letter to Lady Marisa D’Arby from Lady Harriet Corvidae

This letter was discovered being used as a bookmark during Septimus Smithson’s researches into the locations of Waylund’s ancient forges.

My Dearest Marisa

I must write to you as I have had the most fearful experience, it was enough to make a girl feel all giddy. We went riding today, Will and I. Will suggested we head in to the forest to see what adventure awaits us there, as we rode Will told me a story he had heard in the court at York.

I have been told fo the eight sword maidens of the ladies of our faction; seven linked to the seven swords of Wayland and of course one for Excalibur. Well Will grew up on stories of the Pendragon Throne and Excalibur of course and while I know the stories of course I never paid them much attention till now, but such a thing, imagine if I was such a maiden well Will would marry me for sure then. They all receive some sort of visions apparently, more recently however the visions have been dark, of screaming, but I am sure that’s just idle court gossip.

Well it appears Lady Bathroy is one such maiden, well she would be of course she is the Regent’s sister alledgedly she was linked to the one named Albion for Justice. Countess Hereford appears to have been honoured with Excalibur itself and it appears that Baroness Polly got Morax the one for Vengeance of course now she is a Lady I wouldn’t cross and married to an Archers Guild Master too; some people have all the luck. Countess Fisher was given Mercy I understand, although Will called it Eledor or something like that anyhow and Lady Ligea Rook got Solas for her Wisdom, father is very proud was boasting about it at dinner the other night. Claims it is a sign that the Regent recognises the rights of the Corvidaes or somesuch.

As for the others someone called Altarial got Lauros or Honour, whose she? Never heard of her sure she is no one important and Thorn got Beleth or Might as Will called it. But the worst is Orias or Fealty it appears they have given it to someone called Graf who is some sort of stinky beastkin from the wilds of the North. What has she done for us hey? I am certain I would have made a better sword maiden than her. Father would have no end of suitors then, I could marry a Duke or Earl. Maybe that General Corman will go off Lady Falcon and I could marry him, he is quite dishy.

As for my ride with Will in the forest as we travelled deeper in to the forest it appears we stumbled on something dreadful, we found some old buildings that looked like a perfect spot for the picnic Will had brought – I am sure he intends to propose you know, however we disturbed something awful, it floated out of a rusty anvil and came towards us, some kind of awful hag like thing all in white but I coudl see right through her and she was floating in the air. Then it screamed oh it was so terrible, just awful we ran in fear. I ended up with my dress ripped to shreds and the horse gone. It was dreadful.

Anyhow must go Will has arrived and I think he may be about to propose today, we are off for a walk along the coast.