From the desk of Her Majesty, Queen Eloise

The Dragons are close allies of the Harts. Together we have faced so many threats, side by side, at home and far afield. We each know the harsh fate of losing our sovereign home, and so we stand together, nation beside nation, to take our homes back. Caer Dannon is the ancient home of the…

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Peace TalKs Fail – Swords are Swung

Blades were drawn at a diplomatic meeting to discuss the “invasion” of Caer Dannon Our brave allies, the Dragons, work tirelessly to fortify and supply the holy isle of Caer Dannon, in the face of open aggression from factions they once thought friends. Disdaining the odds which stack against them, the Dragons ready themseves for…

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The IvarpeaK Prophecy

When mouth of hell calls for what was taken, The ground shall shake and mountain will awaken. From deep within the fire and heat, He will rise, who we must defeat. For long he has lain beneath the mound, Wrapped in chains, by dwarven bound. Through lies and deceit they drew him there, And cast…

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The Killian Prophecy

In times yet to be, The land will be taken by the sea. The fall will come and she will rise, An elven queen with star blessed eyes. True of heart and pure of soul, Your fears and griefs she will console. She stands for her land and for her people, From lakes so deep,…

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News from the Duchies

Keswick Though the refugee camps around Carlisle remain strained, the area is secure. South of the fells, however, danger stalks the land. Reports of a rampaging Manticore have been coming in from rangers from Havoc to Naseby. A detachment of Harts set out at the Fayre to track, and, if possible, trap, the creature. Only…

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Who’s the ‘bos?

An audience with His Grace, the Dreadlord Phobos, Archduke of Naseby. Who are you? Phobos. Arch Duke of Naseby, Lord Arcane, Eternal. What do you want? To rain terror and destruction on Albion’s enemies and to keep all loyal Albiones safe by any means necessary. Who is your hero? Me, (smiles) I’m shiny and I…

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Forseen Forecast

On the Cymrijan side of the Dragonspine, the weather is better. It must be said that the weather is *still* horrific, but, by cur- rent Albione standards, it’s practically the weather for outdoor cooking! As ever, expect hot, and cold, tem- peratures. Expect the sun, and anticipate the rain. Dress accordingly for the days, and…

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Mystic Mal

Mystic Mal says don’t rush to be awakened, it may happen sooner than you think. Mystic Mal forsees the possibility that beings may be able to detect awakened creatures and that awakened bane weapons could be developed Mystic Mal forsees that the best time for picking Strawberries will be 16:00 to 18:00 on Saturday.


The Herald is sad to report the tragic loss of Van Darkhorse, of the Mackintash. A loyal and devoted member of the Harts, and the Militia, known for en- tering the fray carrying a cell door for a shiel, Van will be missed by all. He leaves behind a son, whom the Herald is certain…

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The Queen’s Herald is happy to announce the marriage of Anastasia Morgan, Master of Forensics and Master of Lore of the Alchemist’s Guild, to Crispin Du’Vie, Captain, of the Adventurer’s Charter.