A Brief Explanation of the Court Structure

The King’s Council shall revert to the form created by HM Queen Eloise. There shall be only a small number of permanent seats on this council, with the Throne calling to Council those members deemed to be required at the time of sitting. The Royal Council as it has previously stood was dissolved by HM…

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Etiquette and Terms of Address at the Court of Albion from the time of Her Majesty Queen Elspeth Pendragon with updates to include the current Court of Her Majesty Queen Eloise Hunter

Ranks and Files The ordinary ranking of Noble Albion with additional notes on The Courts is as follows: Men Women Arch Duke Arch Duchess Member of The Royal Court Duke Duchess Member of The Royal Court Earl Countess Member of The Court Baron Baroness Member of The Court Knight Lady Member of The Court Titles…

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Those of Rank in Albion – September 1116

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