A Letter to Keswick, and to Albion

I sit writing at my desk, as I have done a thousand times before, but no longer do these halls seem quite so welcoming. It will take much to fill the void that has been left here, both within this castle and this Duchy. Though, it is for the best, I believe. When I first…

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Warrant of Appointment

By Royal decree Althea Emmet is hereby appointed to the position of Scribe of The Pendragon Throne until such a time that she is unable to carry out the necessary duties that the position requires. Signed Arturus Magnus Rex Sir Ross Pendragon

Excerpt – The Nyse and Accurate Prophecies of Megaine of Little Salkeld

The dragon’s daughter who raven-maned and artful shall claim her brother’s dream, But the siege shall be perilous for all and her and the good shall smite it down. White-maned lion shall take the sword and hold it for the boy who cannot lift it yet, And rampant he shall be till a gold band…

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The Ironhold of Trinity Reach Announces its New Queen

The Ironhold of Trinity Reach announces with great delight and excitement the melding of King Olaf Graytalon to Carmyna Whitefire. With Carmyna having originated from Borthawr, this reaffirms the ancestral ties between the two great Dwarven Holds. King Olaf has decreed, and wants it known, that his betrothed be forever known as Queen Carmyna Graytalon…

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Those of Rank in Albion – July 1116

Press gently on the container to examine this document more closely:

The Last Will and Testament of Queen Eloise the First

I, Queen Eloise the First, by the Grace of The Pendragon, Sovereign of Albion, Cornwall and The Territories, Monarch of the Sundered Isles, Lady of Lundy, Guardian of the Wild Places, Chosen of The Trinity, Defender of the Faithful and Freeman of The Isles, declare this to be my only Will and Testament and do…

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The Wild Hunt

It has come to the attention of the Royal Huntsman that there have been instances of the Wild Hunt being mentioned by creatures that claim to be following Calligar. It was felt pertinent by myself that the populace be informed of the rules regarding a Wild Hunt due to the fact that the Wild Hunt…

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Court Gazette – Summer Moot 1116

His Grace, the Duke of Gloucester, has been given leave by the Pendragon Throne to make an appointment to the Earldom of Ellenbrooke. To this position he has appointed Dame Foxxeglove Lanata, of the Hunters, who has served the Realm of Albion as Lady Ambassador and as Lady-in-Waiting to Her Majesty the Queen. This has…

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Legal Precedent – Assassination

Assassination Clarification of the status of the Stewards Guild, 1099 At the Harts Grand Council of 1099, Lerianneth Penhaligon of House Karlennon petitioned the Throne to clarify a matter of Albion Law; namely, the status of the Stewards Guild and their rights within Albion when carrying out the business of assassination. Her Majesty, Elspeth clarified…

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A Treaty between Queen Elspeth of Albion and Lord Richard of the Seelie Court

Tenets (10 of them) 1. Lord Richard will dispatch 1,000 (one thousand) of his fae troops to Winchester. They will stay until the fall. 2. The overall commander of Lord Richard’s troops will report directly to Queen Elspeth. She may deploy them as she sees fit. They will decide the method of carrying out her…

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