Caledonian Concerns

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Do the Bears really have a right to their independence? It seems this is up for debate. New evidence has come to light that suggests that the Bears may not have had sufficient mandate for their separation from Albion, one that has long been taken for granted and which some even believe has always been the case. Behind-closed-doors discussions are rumoured to have taken place to re-examine this oversight, and sources indicate that while is too radical Do the people of Albion not deserve to be told of such discussions, ones that may re-shape the very fabric of our society? Rumours have also begun to surface about discussions with a supreme Archon of Law, who may be on the verge of delivering a truly monumental ruling. If these back-room dealings are so important, why is this the first many are hearing of it? Have any of our High Command even taken the time to refute or confirm these allegations? Some of our more thoughtful readers will consider the questions this raises about the legitimacy of other such factions, who may even now be trying to avoid questions about the legitimacy of their secession from Mother Albion. To date there has been no official word on these matters. Leaders that truly care about the moral soul of the nation should bring such talks into the light, not hide them away. Are we a nation founded on the very ideas of law, honesty, and fairness, or are we so lost that our leaders think that they need not share these concerns with the common folk? If the Caledonian lands are truly to come back into the fold due to their ill-conceived lunge for independence they were never entitled to claim, we the common folk deserve to be told!